Kidnapped Child, Emmanuel, Recovered through Efficacious Speaking in Tongues

Evil plans of a kidnapper foiled as family speaks in tongues, bringing God’s power to bear.

The story of Emmanuel, a young boy who was rescued from kidnappers, testifies to the efficacy of God's Word and the power of tongues, encapsulated in the theme for September 2018, the Month of Auto-Edification by Glossolalia!

Emmanuel was snatched from his home and taken out of the city of Port Harcourt by the kidnapper who had been serving under the pretense of a gate warden. As the family came together and prayed in the spirit, Emmanuel's kidnapper began to experience a seizure in the bus journeying out of the city, which led to his evil plans being unraveled before those in the vicinity.

This testimony, which was shared during the live broadcast of the September Global Communion Service, clearly alludes to the power of speaking in tongues — Auto-Edification by Glossolalia. 

Watch the compelling story of prevailing faith in the featured video above, and remember to like, comment and share.

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Gentle Eyisi 19 days
Glory to Jesus!!
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Pastor John Oaikhena 19 days
the word works
Daphne Dube 19 days
Amen Glory to God
Kenneth Nwabueze 19 days
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Rakaboskayaaaa..... Gloryyyyyyyyy!!! Our God be magnified!
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Michael Antwi 20 days
Speaking in tongues is more powerful than any weapon
saint barbara 20 days
kingstone kadowonda 20 days
Edification by Glossalalia
Christy Ogbuehi 20 days
Glory, hallelujah
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Queen Owho 20 days
Jesus Christ is wonderful, thank you lord👏💥💥
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Sandra Efimue 20 days
Glorrrryyyyy 🙌 🙌 🙌 I give you all the praise oh Lord 🙌🙌
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divine kean 20 days
glory to God
Clinton Favour 20 days
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osazee ediae 20 days
Glorrryyyy hallelujah
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oloye olatunde 20 days
Dcns Ekene Nakpodia 20 days
What a mighty God we serve. Thank Pastor for giving us life and hope with the word you have taught us .We are eternally grateful to you sir.
Dcns Ekene Nakpodia 20 days
Thank you Pastor.