LMAM UK All-Stars Celebrate Christmas with Release of ‘Tell the World’ Video

Be first to watch music video for ‘Tell the World’, a debut production from LMAM UK All-Stars at Christmas.

The greatest news in the world is the glorious testimony that God sent His Son — His Word, His love and His life — in flesh, so that we can have and live the very same life in Him.

The LMAM UK All-Stars celebrate this glorious season, using the opportunity to trumpet the real reason for Christmas to all in attendance at the Winter Wonderland at Hyde Park, London, in the United Kingdom, where thousands gathered to enjoy special moments with friends and loved ones during the festive season.

Watch the featured music video with some familiar lyrics and a new tune, as they sing 'Tell the World'. It’s a new Christmas Carol that is certain to bring more joy and cheer to your already blessed Christmas celebration.

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glorious 7 days
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frank fytt 25 days
oh wonderful
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Sammy Davis 25 days
Wow amazing well done thanks.
glorious 25 days
the song and video was beautiful
Upson Uche 26 days
wow. #nwvz1
Helen King 26 days
that's how it's done
144453778918 tempavatar 470967938
victor tetteh 26 days
151236659016 tempavatar 1476432284
NKIRU JOHN 26 days
Wow! That is beautiful.Glory to His name forever!
150685560575 tempavatar944011160
osazee ediae 26 days
Wow y'all rock, the glory of the Lord shines through us .thanks so much guys and God bless
147314090856 image
Patricia Olisa 26 days
144788388470 tempavatar1468529090
Ehonor Jefferson 26 days
this is really nice....very exceptional and the production 👌
Ehigie johnbull 26 days
Ehigie johnbull lovely
146452892202 tempavatar 1120669503
Lizzy Sarimiye 26 days
olanrewaju oyetunji 26 days
Oh the Blessed Name of Jesus!
Ayo Doherty 26 days
glory! Thank.you.LMAM.UK ALLSTAR
Pheonie Cunningham 26 days
wonderful music, such inspiring words. shine your lights