LMAM UK Artistes — Frank Fytt & Minister Jaiho — Release Christmas Song

Sing ‘Happy Birthday, Jesus’ with Frank Fytt and Minister Jaiho to the tune of their soulful new track and video.

'Happy Birthday, Jesus', an A4 production, featuring LMAM UK stars, Frank Fytt and Minister Jaiho, is sure to be on your lips all week long. The featured music video communicates the intimacy and soulfulness associated with their soulful new single.

As the whole world celebrates the birth of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, sit back the special melodious rendition for the King of Kings and Lord of Lords. This song will surely make your Christmas celebrations even more festive and beautiful. 

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149544681629 tempavatar796998872
Chibueze Ogbonnaya 7 months
Beautiful sound and visuals
Ugonma Iroaganachi 7 months
Wow! Lovely music!!
Pastor Pearl 7 months
144516078958 tempavatar250733969
Jennifer osah(Jenné ) 7 months
great job
Upson Uche 7 months
wow! great Christmas song
Upson Uche 7 months
How do I get it?
Blossom Osita-Maha 7 months
I like the sound of the song
144449390094 tempavatar1694769220
Pst Juliet Wealth-Sakal 7 months
wow! Awesome beyond description
Nwakanma Ugochukwu 7 months
This is different and beautiful
151451451466 tempavatar 804313749
victoria hart 7 months
Beautiful song
Aleraa Joyce 7 months
this is completely awesome, it's real beauty on display. woooow!!!!
144465845583 tempavatar 818844940
King Roland Ebegbe 7 months
what soothing sound it is....i love it.
144768993958 image
Chuks Eluagwu 7 months
awwwwww! Great song.
149744197466 tempavatar 615982764
KarlaGod 7 months
awwwwwww... beautiful
Kings Child 7 months
Helen King 7 months
wow! wonderful production
151390923409 tempavatar 1503219808
eliabeth mooketsi 7 months
I love you Lord, with all my heart.
Onyeoma 7 months
Nice one. Happy birthday Dear Jesus!
145572425559 tempavatar 826256557
Dcns Zoe Onah 7 months
144639152585 image
Dcns Christy 7 months
Beautiful 😀😀💃💃🕺🏼😇😇✝️🙏🙏💕💕❤️