Maintaining a Connection to the Word (Our Life Source) — Sunday Service Excerpt

Dominate in all aspects of life with this excerpt from Sunday Service with Pastor Chris.

Through the BLW message, millions around the world have come to embrace the inheritance of the saints in Christ Jesus, one of which is our unending life of dominion and victorious triumph. At Sunday Service with the President, Rev. (Dr.) Chris Oyakhilome, he called the brethren's attention to the importance of staying connected to the Word of God as our life source, in order to continue in this glorious inheritance.

After reminding the congregation at the LoveWorld Convocation Arena that they are offsprings of the Word, Pastor Chris posed a vital question: "did you know that it’s your responsibility, through the Word of God, to create the life you want to live?" "The beautiful thing about life in Christ is…come what may, I’ll be standing victoriously," he continued!

Get inspired for the continuous life of significant attainments in Christ Jesus as you watch the featured video. Like and post comments below, but don't forget to make this clip available to friends and loved ones by sharing on social media platforms. Stay tuned for more from Sunday Service with Pastor Chris, exclusively on LoveWorld News.

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mpanda malam Hubert 11 months
thank you lord for pastor Chris
Nicholas Denga 11 months
I am an Offspring of the Word, what come may I will remain standing Victoriously in JESUS
145733257509 tempavatar 1078246764
Ose_The_Great 11 months
Glory! Come what may, I remain standing
146691713849 tempavatar665948281
Theresa Owete 11 months
Born of the word, I am a Victor .Thank you Sir.
Thomas Inkoom 11 months
thank you sir awesome words
Kingsley 11 months
"Come what may I will be standing"...How i needed that word today. Thank you sir!!!
Kennias Dube 11 months
l live a life of continuous victory no matter what comes in my way!
Joyce Ncube 11 months
I am any offspring of the word of God
Chrisma Asa 11 months
Thank You Pastor Sir, for the Word of God from You, Sir. He is life indeed. Hallelujah...
Amadike john 11 months
the word is quick and powerful. glory
kolade Ayantayo 11 months
thank you pastor chris for the word of life ,the word is my life
144597868169 image
Ifeyinwa Ubah 11 months
I'm Victorious!! I'm Glorious #celagoszone1
ify Amadi 11 months
Thank you pastor sir for this glorious teaching , am most grateful .
149694656988 tempavatar 1889779615
Daniel Toworfe 11 months
it doesn't matter what happens I am victorious. #ceaccraghanazone #ceinchaban
Godwin 11 months
my future bright. i refuse to fear. i refuse to be defeated. everywhere i go i am favoured, success. anything that cant be seen or cannot be permitted in Jesus is not prrmitted to be in me or seen in me. i have an excellent life. glory to God. #cebeninzone1
144663175574 tempavatar 1119588574
QueenHelen CEShefld UKZone1 11 months
glory come shat may...i will be standing VICTORIOUSLY
olanrewaju oyetunji 11 months
Irrespective of thieves breaking into my car and stealing 'bore hole' money & come what may! I'm standing victoriously, successfully giving You the Great Man of God seed( that'll do) at ICLC 2017; that's what God wants me to do and that's the beautiful thing about life in Christ #nswvz1 #thehavennationzB1
149431642231 image
Pastor Eddie Moyo #blwZimbabweZone 11 months
Thank You So Much Sir
144463681986 tempavatar 1567950918
Sam Mimshak 11 months
I am dominating my world always. Thank you Pastor Sir.
144463681986 tempavatar 1567950918
Sam Mimshak 11 months