Make Your Birthday Count with the Rhapsody Bible Connect Friends Initiative

Brother Testimony Kakhy distributes 100 copies of the Rhapsody Bible in commemoration of his birthday.

In commemoration of his birthday, Brother Testimony Kakhy, a Rhapsody Bible partner from Christ Embassy Warri Zone, Nigeria, reached out to workers at Delta State Oil Producing Areas Development Commission (DESOPADEC) with 100 free copies of the Rhapsody Bible through the 'Rhapsody Bible Connect Friends Initiative'.

Recipients of the Rhapsody Bible express their excitement.

Expressions of joy filled their faces! Each worker in this commission received their personal copy of the Rhapsody Bible with much happiness and gratitude expressed to the man of God, Pastor Chris, for bringing God’s Word to them. Their lives will never remain the same.

A gleeful beneficiary of the distribution.

You too came make your birthday count for souls in the Kingdom by seeding your community with God’s Word through the 'Rhapsody Bible Connect Friends Initiative'. For more information on how to participate, please send an email to

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Testimony Kahky 9 months
Thank you Pastor Sir for this glorious opportunity. God is gracious and kind. Praise God.
precious obiazi igwe 9 months
Wow! I love this, the gospel is indeed spreading to every man's world
bennichristos 9 months
Great initiative
Gidudu Kenneth 9 months
wow! ceasing every moment for the gospel.The time is short