Memorable Moments from a Flourishing 2017 — '8 Days of Meditation'

Testimonies from ‘8 Days of Meditation’ with New Year Message mark memorable moment of 2017.

At the beginning of the year, the BLW President announced the word of the Spirit to us, emphasizing that the New Year message "is not a title or's an insight into what the Lord is doing with us, through us and for us in the year!" Those words inspired a global participation in the '8 Days of Meditation' study program that immersed every member of the BLW Nation in the 'Year of Flourishing' message.

Inspiring testimony from Pastor Lilian Lonia-Brown from '8 Days of Meditation'.

For eight days, we listened to short excerpts from the message of the year on LoveWorld News and KingsChat, speaking in tongues for 10 minutes during each study session and studying selected scriptures from the downloadable outline. The program also availed a special opportunity to proclaim God's Word concerning us and write our goals and visions in an iFlourish Journal.

Inspiring testimony from Sister Ashley Chelsea-Ikemba on '8 Days of Meditation'.

The '8 Days of Meditation' study outline was translated into Arabic, French, German and Yoruba, allowing millions more around the world a unique opportunity of immersion into the message of the year. Testimonies followed from all over the world; watch the featured videos for Pastor Lilian Lonia-Brown's remarkable testimony and a special testimony from spoken word artiste, Ashley-Chelsea Ikemba.

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8 Days of Meditation set me on the course of Flourishing
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