Memorable Moments from Flourishing 2017 — 14,000 People at Night of Bliss Sapele

Congregation of 14,000 and salvation of 1,500 at Night of Bliss Sapele spells out significant attainment.

In the month of March 2017, the highly esteemed CEC Member, Pastor T. T. Edun, unveiled deep truths about the Christian life to a congregation of 14,000 people at the Sapele City Stadium. "When Jesus comes into your life, He gives you eternal life, and that life makes you indestructible," he said, stirring faith in every one present.

Section of the congregation responding to God's Word.

When the time came that the congregation had waited for, the power of the Spirit was demonstrated in outstanding miracles. Cancer, deafness and diverse ailments checked out at Pastor T. T.'s word. As it is with almost every meeting with the highly esteemed CEC Member, prophetic utterances were declared upon the people of Sapele and the land.

Da Music ministering during the service.

To crown the evening, 1,500 souls responded to the call of salvation, compelled, not by the teaching of the Word only but also the ministration of LMAM artistes, Deacon Buchi, Eben, Joe Praize, TB1, Da Music, UR Flames, Jive Angels and more. Watch excerpts from the epochal program in the featured video, and revisit the original LoveWorld News post here:

Pastor T. T. leads 1,500 people in the prayer of salvation.

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glory to God's word and his love for us
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Praise God
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Hallelujah! #cesapele
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Glory to God!