Millions Connect to November Communion Service for Time of Prophetic Refreshing

Global congregation revels in the blessings of the outgone month, expectant for a word for November.

Global Communion Services with the man of God, Pastor Chris, are highly anticipated watershed moments that bring a refreshing and an impartation for greater realms of glory for millions of participants around the world. However, when one of such unique programs comes after 'the Month of Blessings', anticipations are even higher, because the glory of this latter house has been pre-ordained to be greater than the former.

The man of God, Pastor Chris, with esteemed panelists, Pastor Ifeoma Chiemeka and Pastor Lanre Alabi.

Highlights of the Higher Life Conference with Pastor Chris in Benin, 'an Evening with the Word' with Pastor Chris in Lekki, Nigeria, and Pastor Karen Victor's visit to Lahore, Pakistan, set every heart afire with gratitude to God for His lavish benevolence in the month of October.

The BLW CEO, Pastor Deola Phillips, welcomes the global congregation.

The esteemed BLW CEO, Pastor Deola Philips, welcomed the global congregation to an upgrade experience, counting the victories thus far. Through moments of invigorating worship with LMAM artiste, Eben, and an inspiring prayer session with Pastor Lanre Alabi, the congregation has been revved up for God's Word for the month.

Music minister, Eben, leads multitudes in songs of worship.

Stay tuned to LoveWorld News for more updates from the ongoing Global Communion Service with Pastor Chris.

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Bekombo Maka dorette christiane 8 months
Merci pasteur pour la parole de ce mois D'exaltation,, je déclare que je suis exaltée, élevée,pour des bonnes choses à mon père céleste au nom de Jésus-Christ,,
Onyeoma 9 months
It surpassed my expectations. Thank you Pastor for listening to the Holy Spirit
Williams onoriobe 9 months
Glory, thank you Pastor for bringing the word of God to us in such a simple manner.
Dcns Mngohol Adeniyi 9 months
Glory!! I am exalted.
olanrewaju oyetunji 9 months
The economy is boosted..... The righteous are being exalted. There's opportunity in the realm of the Spirit.
Josephine Akolga 9 months
Awesome! is from glory to glory thank you Pastor Sir, my month exhaustion!
olanrewaju oyetunji 9 months
Thank You The Man of God Sir, for this beautiful wonderful month; November is a month of exaltation. There's promotion in the city, the economy us boosted, His strategy is to bless me the Just.
150633969397 tempavatar1951916809
Amadike John 9 months
149627027043 image
EvelynAbotsi 9 months
It was a glorious moment of true exaltation. Thank you pastor for the blessings. Love you. In Jesus Name
Amadi Happiness 9 months
Hallelujah! I'm positioned rightly for exaltation. Glory!
149301705127 tempavatar1472204281
Melki 9 months
Allelua !!! lambanoo thank you pastor sir
Deaconess Patience Obaseki 9 months
Awesome meeting ushering me into my month of Exhaultation. Thank you Pastor Sir.
xiomara merida 9 months
What a glorious service today!!!!
151237915383 taniajeanette
Tania Jeanette Elias 9 months
hallelujah this is my month of exaltation.praise the Lord
FAVOUR 9 months
Thank you pastor Sir, for the privilege to be part of your ministry, am forever grateful
Brother Blessing Yakubu 9 months
thank you pastor,is my month of exaltation.
Juliet E.D 9 months
what a miracle it is that Jesus is alive
149301705127 tempavatar1472204281
Melki 9 months
oh glory I m waiting the word of this november
Godwin 9 months
Glory to God. i connect
Thandi Tisane 9 months
Hallelujah I receive the Prophecy of Exhaultation in the month of November. Thank you Ps Sir