Ministers Launched into New Levels at ‘the Glory of His Presence’ with Rev. Tom

Ministers gather from Switzerland, Hungary, Wales, USA for fellowship with the Word and the Spirit.

Ministers of the Gospel in Romania and its surrounding nations were transported to a new level of glory as they witnessed an unprecedented move of God’s Spirit at 'the Glory of His Presence' with Reverend Tom Amenkhienan. Attending this conference were hundreds of people from Switzerland, Hungary, Wales and the United States of America.

Rousing praise and worship sessions charged the atmosphere right from the start of the program, causing the congregants to lift up their hands in worship, exalting the name of the Lord. The host, Pastor Razvan Mihailescu of the River of Life Church, stirred the participants to raise their faiths high enough to receive all that God had in store for them at the conference. He also thanked Pastor Chris Oyakhilome specially for availing him the rare privilege of hosting this historic event in Romania.

Ministers listen with focus as Reverend Tom discusses new creation realities.

The level of excitement and anticipation heightened further as the highly esteemed Reverend Tom came on the stage and began to minister in the power of the Spirit. Expatiating on the realities of the new creation, he said, "Christianity is not about following God; it’s not a matter of belonging to a congregation but the divinity that works in man. When you accepted Christ, your human life was replaced by the divine life.”

Ministers prepare for a special ministration from Reverend Tom.

The meeting soon progressed into a new dimension, and it was time for the miraculous; many were touched by the power of God, and they testified of healing and restoration from diverse infirmities. Some of the remarkable testimonies heard include that of two ladies who were healed of deafness.

Impartations for healing and promotion during the conference.

The session came to a glorious conclusion as Reverend Tom declared words of blessings and prophecies over the attendees.

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SaintIJ 12 months
ride on pastor
Esther Mbala 12 months
Truly the Glory of His Presence was felt. I also felt it just by reading this and received my miracle.
Sume Nelson 12 months
so awesome
Derrick Nana Bampoe 12 months
glory to God
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Pst Obong Ime 12 months
inspiring reports....
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Evelyn Fanti 12 months
#cesazone4 Thank God for JESUS. Romania will never be the same again.
Thomas Rodgers 12 months
Glory to God.
Tuokpe Edun 12 months
I am glad to see these things and to be a part of the reenactment of the book of Acts. Glory to God
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ngo song marguerite danielle 12 months
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Pastor Samson Dimowo 12 months
Awesome! Glory to God
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Ethel Degui 12 months
Glory to God
153298564442 image
Ethel Degui 12 months
Glory to God