New Year, New You — Start Your Transformative Journey in Personal Fitness Today

Get started on your journey to a stronger, leaner, body in 2018 with this episode of ‘Transform by Naphtali’.

It's a new year with many resolutions to go with it. While some have grown tired of making resolutions, there is still some value in setting a time for change as the new year affords. Join your Spirit-filled personal trainer in this episode of 'Transform by Naphtali' to begin a transformative journey in personal fitness this 'Year of the Supernatural'.

In this episode, Brother Naphtali demonstrates the proper use of a common workout machine — the bike! Whether outdoor or indoor, the bike is a great machine for getting your heart rate up, burning calories and toning your legs. The bike-cardio exercise is followed by dumbbell step-ups, good for toning your legs and building muscle mass.

The video also contains special training exercises for your lower back, glutes, hamstrings and deltoids (shoulders). For a well-rounded routine, Brother Naphtali finishes up with exercises for your core/mid-section.

All the exercises on this special fitness program can be done on your own and come highly recommended for staying fit especially for those who travel a lot. Watch, exercise and post your comments for Brother Naphtali in the comment section below.

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This is good
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This is lovely. More lifestyle content on LoveWorld news.