#YoungRulers from Various Nations Share 21 Reasons they Love Pastor Chris

SamJamz, members of #YoungRuler community, celebrate Pastor Chris’ birthday with words of appreciation. 

"The reason why I love my Pastor is that the only way you can explain his swag is by speaking in tongues," says a member of the global millennial community of #YoungRulers — young people around the world with the mantle of leadership, passionate about spreading the Gospel with their uniqueness and talents.

Ahead of tomorrow, December 7th, the birthday of a global phenomenon, the man of God, Reverend (Dr.) Chris Oyakhilome, members of the community that was initiated by award-winning Gospel rapper and vlogger, SamJamz, share '21 Reasons Why I Love Pastor Chris' in the featured video. Youths from the Netherlands, France, South Africa, Ghana, the United States, the United Kingdom and other nations pour out their heartfelt appreciation to the BLW President.

It is no secret that Pastor Chris is the most influential voice in the world among young people, constantly bringing millions of them to defy the lies propagated by traditional media that the youths are rejecting the Gospel. Today, there are more young people serving God than at any other time in history, simply because of the man that has made Jesus beautiful to every demographic.

Join SamJamz and #YoungRulers around the world to give Pastor Chris a resounding ovation in this special #Dec7 episode of LegallyMe. Don’t forget to like, share and post the reasons why you love Pastor Chris in the comment section below.

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148330175667 tempavatar 335452327
Pst Beatrice Ogolla about 1 year
Happy Birthday Sir. You unveiled to me true Christianity.
Godwin Kingsley about 1 year
Hearty birthday pastor sir! You helped me discovered me through God's word!
Onyeoma about 1 year
Pastor Chris has the words of life
juliet osaro about 1 year
Happy birthday to my Father Pastor Chris, I love you so very much sir ,you gave my life a meaning teach me how to live & do the word
Jayne Morgan about 1 year
happy Birthday to my Father Pastor Chris . I love you So so much Sir always a mighty blessing to one and all heartfelt thanks is not even enough only one voice will I follow and I hear that voice through you happy happy birthday from Cardiff Uk .
Victor Wealth about 1 year
Happy Birthday Pastor Sir. I love you so dearly Pastor Sir. The ministry of God's Spirit in and through you is what has made the all-round success i am today. Thank you so much Pastor Sir. Words are not enough. Thank you Pastor Sir.
florence aboiralor about 1 year
Happy birthday pastor Chris, I love you because 24\7 you are always in the spirit.
sinothando about 1 year
Happy birthday pastor Chris. l'm shinning because of you.
146851975134 tempavatar546830790
Pst Dan Abraham about 1 year
i love Pastor because he expresses the beauties of divinity
Prince c. Amadi about 1 year
woa what an awesome video,happy birthday pastor
151549749131 tempavatar1494884185
Evelyn Fanti about 1 year
#cesazone4 Glory to God. I love you Pastor for making my life so beautifully by the word of God; and for making the word of God so simple and easy.
144503192404 tempavatar 425121133
Pela Aion about 1 year
Happy Birthday Pastor Sir. You've made my life so beautiful
Jannath Lisanu about 1 year
l love and@highly respect pastor Chris....He is a man of God plus he's teaching open up my spiritual eyes .pastor Chris teaching is@one of the best fir me. the Lord Change my life through pastor Chris teaching
150610932440 tempavatar1847466181
Faith Bogacwi about 1 year
indeed the only way to explain his swag is by speaking in tongues!
150610932440 tempavatar1847466181
Faith Bogacwi about 1 year
yayyyyyyyyy!!!!!!! so beautiful
Okoedo Paul about 1 year
146268890159 tempavatar 2134021841
Dominic Justin about 1 year
Hallelujah, Glory to God
151275274109 tempavatar996069958
kpobi John-paul about 1 year
Happy Birthday Pastor Sir ...... l Love you because you are a spirit man of God
Fortune Nelson about 1 year
Pastor Chris is indeed a great man of God!
149687371671 tempavatar1356643334
Comfort Duncan about 1 year
Happy Birthday Sir, you are one in a billions. Thank you for all your Love, Thank You for not giving up no me.I love you Sir.