October is 'the Month of Proclamations’ Pastor Chris Announces at Global Service

“Proclamation is affirmation made public; make solid and bold affirmations of faith,” Pastor Chris to global congregation.

The man of God, Reverend (Dr.) Chris Oyakhilome, by God’s Spirit, declared October to be ‘the Month of Proclamations’ at the just concluded Global Communion Service. Reading from Hebrews 13:5-6, Pastor Chris explained that proclamation is an affirmation made public. Urging the saints to always make bold proclamations, LoveWorld President reminded God’s people that their very salvation is based on affirmation. Make solid and bold affirmations of faith he charged the saints. 

The global congregation received God’s Word for the month with great jubilation and readiness to put the Word to work in their lives. Congratulations to all citizens of the LoveWorld nation. Glorious testimonies are bound to accrue as God’s people make bold proclamations of God’s Word daily. 

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MinisterEvelynChrist Abotsi 3 months
I proclaim loudly, what God has decreed concerning me , ministry, family and the Abrahamic blessings that's our birthright and everything hears me. Living in peace, godliness and honesty. My life is upward and forward . Amen!
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Ngantanu Roland 4 months
Hallelujah! the word of God is effective in my life and producing results. thank you for this word Pastor Sir.
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Dcns Ethel Degui 4 months
This is my month of Proclamation!!!
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Cherub Christian 4 months
146649431267 tempavatar1183832281
Michael Lovely 4 months
Hallelujah! Testimonies abound. Thank you Pastor Sir
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PD™ Lights 4 months
Glory to God! Thank you so much Pastor for the word of the month of October 2020. Love you dearly Sir!
"tams fubara" 4 months