Over 250,000 People Encounter Jesus at the Trade Fair Complex in Lagos, Nigeria

Thousands saved, several miracles witnessed as Pastor Vale Odu-Thomas ministers.

The crowd gathered in their thousands, as far as eyes could see, at the Trade Fair Complex in Ojo, Lagos, for an appointment with the miraculous during Christ Embassy Lagos Zone 2's 'Night of Bliss Special'. The atmosphere was electrified with the power of God in response to the people's expectations, built over weeks of prayerfully preparations.

Joe Praize leads thousands in heartfelt worship.

The congregation responded with exhilaration to every segment, praying intensely, joyfully praising and worshipping God, responding with joy to the Word. There was a marvelous display of gifts and talents as members of the zone presented inspiring musical numbers and dance presentations. LMAM All-Stars, Ada, Joe Praize, Buchi, Frank Edwards, Kids Can Dance, TB1 and UR Flames got the crowd lifted to transcendental realms through their ministrations.

Talkshows to inspire faith in everyone present.

The esteemed Zonal Director, Pastor Vale Odu-Thomas, ministered under tremendous grace to the hearing of a captivated crowd. "Jesus came to take our place of suffering, disease and infirmity and give us a new life. In this new life, there is no sickness, no pain; it’s a life of glory, health and wealth," he declared. Faith was stirred in believers to live the glorious life in Christ, while unbelievers had their eyes enlightened to see the end of all their struggles. 

Thousands embrace salvation in Christ Jesus.

When the altar call was made, thousands rushed to the stage to give their hearts to Christ! As Pastor Vale began to minister to the sick and infirmed, commanding the demons to come out of their bodies, several miracles erupted throughout he arena. The faith received through the ministration of the Word, inspiring talkshows and testimonies of healing from the ministry of the man of God, Pastor Chris, and last year's edition of the 'Night of Bliss Special' was met with diverse miracles. The blind saw, the lame walked, and diverse sicknesses were healed. 

The Zonal Director takes a lady's testimony of healing.

Copies of the Rhapsody of Realities, 'Now That You Are Born Again', 'the Power of Tongues', the 'Year of Flourishing' message and more were distributed to first timers and new converts. While hundreds of thousands participated from the Trade Fair Complex, hundreds joined in from international mission churches in Jamaica, St. Kitts and Trinidad & Tobago.

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Olayinka Segun-Adebowale 12 months
Glory to JESUS. Congratulations Christ Embassy Lagos Two Much
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Timothy Joshua (T J) about 1 year
Oh my God!!!! Glory to Jesus Christ in the highest! #CEPHILIPPINES #CEPHZONE3
pastor odion oyarero about 1 year
beyond this world
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T Champion about 1 year
Hallelujah! Abounding in testimonies in our year of flourishing! Thank you, Pastor Sir.
Mr Tony okosun about 1 year
awesome God
blessing akhigbe about 1 year
gloryyyyy. ....
Austin Nwaokolo about 1 year
Glory Glory Glory. Thank you Lord for this Significant Attainment
Madika Tshabalala about 1 year
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Esiri Okagbare about 1 year
Glorrry, spreading into every man's world. I tap into this miracles of soul
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osazee ediae about 1 year
this is beyond wonderful, amazing wow only Holy Spirit can do this am soo speechless to God be all the Glorrryyyy hallelujah wowww
samuel uchechukwu hakumeru about 1 year
this is glorious i love you sir
Florah Mukurazhizha about 1 year
Glory to God!
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Lucretia Marinda about 1 year
Jesus is alive! Glorrrry
Princewill Ohaekwe about 1 year
Christ is coming! the king of glory
Juliet about 1 year
Glory to God ❤️❤️🙏🏾🙏🏾
Praise God
okoro Judith about 1 year
I am part of this success
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Chipo Mazonde about 1 year
glory to God
Chipo about 1 year
Glory be to God forevermore!!
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eliabeth Mooketsi about 1 year
we are indeed flourishing in every area of our lives, glorrrrrry!!!!!.