Pastor Benny & Pastor Chris Teach Global Audience on the Holy Spirit’s Ministry

[The Holy Spirit] is the Omnipresence..and the Omniscience of the Trinity,” Pastor Benny teaches.

From the arrival of the man of God, Pastor Chris, the first hour of the October 2018 Global Communion Service was a time of divine revelation and insight into the person and ministry of the Holy Spirit as the BLW President and Pastor Benny Hinn taught extensively.

“Think about the Holy Spirit as being the generator of the Trinity,” Pastor Benny Hinn admonished, emphasizing that the Spirit of God is the power of the Trinity and instructing the congregation to give Him closer attention. The man of God, Pastor Chris, went on to say, “God doesn’t want us to be as He was, because He says, as He is so are we,” further explaining the importance of the Holy Spirit in the believer’s earthly walk.

As the global audience listened with rapt attention, there was a stirring of greater desire to “wait on the Lord,” being given to knowledge of the Lord through the scriptures. A most remarkable aspect of the teaching was Pastor Chris’ exposé on how the Christian’s focus should be on living the Christ’s life in a consciousness of His post-resurrection glory.

Stay tuned to LoveWorld News for more exclusive updates from the ongoing October 2018 Global Communion Service with Pastor Chris. 

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Henry Egede 9 months
word of GoD is powerful
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ekhosuehe Matthew 9 months
Justice Amegashie 9 months
glory to God
Onyeoma 9 months
Thank you Pastors. I was mightily blessed
Caritas Maparura 9 months
Glory to God
Joyce Ncube 9 months
praise God
bernard 9 months
glorrrrrry. I was greatly blessed. Hallelujah!
Clinton Favour 9 months
Very inspiring
153531491874 tempavatar1887385988
Gentle Eyisi 9 months
I was thoroughly blessed by the service.
olanrewaju oyetunji 9 months
They want to tell Someone Who knows everything, something new- PastorChris
153894732501 tempavatar12981344
Moses Mwebaze 9 months
154254606269 tempavatar2069768967377433350
Ornella Wealths 9 months
This Global Communion Service was out of this world. Mind blowing!
147033998398 tempavatar1313137337
Evang Excellent 9 months
Walt A-Seed 9 months
Thank you mighty men of God for the insightful instructions. Glory to God