Pastor Chris Announces December to be the ‘Month of Blessings in Thanksgiving’

“Bless God by giving Him thanks for who He is, for His mighty works and all He has done for you!” — Pastor Chris to global congregation.

The month of December is a special month as the man of God, Pastor Chris, has declared it to be the ‘Month of Blessings in Thanksgiving’ at the just concluded Global Service. Sounds of rejoicing reverberated across the LoveWorld Studios in Lagos and several viewing centers around the world as God’s people received the Word with joyful hearts.

Reading from 1 Corinthians 14:15-16, Pastor Chris urged the congregation to bless God by giving Him thanks for who He is, for His mighty works and all He has done for each one of us.

Pastor Chris also taught, through examples from the life of the Lord Jesus, that the way to bless anything or anyone is by giving God thanks for such a thing or such a one. When the Lord Jesus blessed the Communion bread, He gave thanks for it; when He blessed the food that was multiplied, it was through thanksgiving. God’s people have received direction from the Word of the Month and December will no doubt be a month of celebration of greater blessings, in thanksgiving to God.

Congratulations on a glorious closing month in the Year of Lights as we give God thanks!

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"bro Stephen Osamudaimen" 6 months
Victoria Mlobeli 6 months
Glory to God! We give God our Thanksgiving serif ice of Praise and Worship because He is God. I love you Pastor Sir.
157537505152 k9
Nyasha Laura Ncube 6 months
Gerald Chisongo 6 months
Praise the LORD! I'm blessed
Ernest Mimshach Ahiamadi 6 months
Gloorrryyy to God. it's a new level for us this month as we worship , bless and thank God for His wonderfulness in our lives. Hallelujah ! Thank you Pastor Sir for the privilege . I am grateful 🙌
olanrewaju oyetunji 6 months
Thank You Holy Spirit of God, Lord we worship You; Thank You Lord, Praise God forevermore- PastorChris
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Pst Beatrice Ogolla 6 months
Glooooooory. It's my month of Blessings in Thanksgiving.