Pastor Chris Answers ‘Should Christians Celebrate Easter?’ at Communion Service

“Christ is our passover,” the BLW President reminds congregation, highlighting true meaning of Easter.

By divine ordinance, the April 2018 Global Communion Service coincides with the day set aside throughout the world to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus at Easter. From the Christ Embassy Randburg 2 auditorium, the special service, filled with prayers, worship and the Word is being beamed throughout the world via satellite television and the Internet.

Session of worship led by LMAM artiste during the April 2018 Global Communion Service.

The esteemed Zonal Director of Southern Africa Zone 1, Pastor Freedom Wealth-Eriya, took the global congregation in prayers of thanksgiving for a glorious 'Month of Dominion' and the many opportunities availed the church to lead many to Christ. Moments of worship led by LMAM artistes took the brethren into a glorious height of expectations in the spirit.

Panelists share insights from the Holy Ghost for the Easter season.

Upon taking the stage, the man of God, Pastor Chris, began to answer the question, "should Christians celebrate Easter?" Distinguishing between two passovers described in scripture — the passover of the Jews and the passover of the Christian — Pastor Chris explained that, though Easter may have started as a pagan holiday, the collective decision of the Church to take the Jewish passover season as a time to commemorate our passover in Christ is honored of God.

Ministers worship the Lord at Christ Embassy Randburg 2 during the service.

It has been an extraordinary time on the first day in the month of April and a new quarter. Stay tuned for more exclusive updates from the April 2018 Global Communion Service on LoveWorld News.

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Nwabueze ibeanu 9 months
Let's read the bible and see the things God has for each and every one of us . hallelujah
Emilie Šimovcová 10 months
"Halleluja Úžasný Ježíš Kristus Pán z Nazaretu zemřel na kříži za naše hříchy "zmrtvých Vstál"Je Vzkříšen a Sedí na Trůně po Pravici" Boha Otce svého v Nebesích"Král Vesmíru!" Sláva na Výsostech Bohu Svatému Duchu Hosanna na Věky věků Halleluja Sélah 🎺 Amen!!!
bennichristos 10 months
hallelujah. glory to God
153633996047 tempavatar827838431
Ifunanya C. Ani 10 months
Glory to God
151390923409 tempavatar 1503219808
eliabeth mooketsi 10 months
thank you men of God, you changed my life, you make me strong in the knowledge of the kindom of God, i love you Sir.
151390923409 tempavatar 1503219808
eliabeth mooketsi 10 months
oh,hallelujah, Christ is my past over ,Glory to God for ever and ever amen.
152266852781 tempavatar986668112
Samuel Peter chinedu 10 months
Thank you Jesus.....pastor i love you sir!
Victoria Mlobeli 10 months
Glory to God! #cesazone2pretoriagroup
Lizzie Malahlela 10 months
Glory to God! Thank you Pastor for the revelation, I am so inspired and grateful to God for bringing you into my life Thank you sir. Love you lots
Sume Nelson 10 months
glory to God
saint barbara 10 months
Glory to God!
152262220383 tempavatar1198087059
okafor stella 10 months
pls how can i download victory parade??
olanrewaju oyetunji 10 months
Climactic great revelation of the Supernatural- Influencer Man of God Sir. Thank You Sir, that was very inspiring!
150975746302 tempavatar540179936
Joel Komla Signan 10 months
I am full of God and influencing everywhere i go. # ce Accra Ghana zone # ce LAA
148592652043 tempavatar 1099932595
Joy Dickson 10 months
Glory to God
Ramesh 10 months
Glory to God.
Pastor Pearl 10 months
The Holy Ghost my super advantage... Christ in me the Hope of glory