Pastor Chris Divulges the Potency of Vocalized Faith to Sunday Congregation

“Hearing is very important, because sound is the mother of all matter,” Pastor says at Sunday Service.

Passionately explaining the principles of all-inclusive salvation in the Kingdom of God, Pastor Chris called the attention of the Sunday Service congregation at the LoveWorld Convocation Arena to the importance of hearing God's Word.

Hearing is very important, because sound is the mother of all matter,” the man of God says in the featured service except. Pastor Chris continued, saying "sound is the original source of energy, so God speaks!" At this point in his teaching, the BLW President reiterated that salvation cannot be obtained by thinking about the Lordship of Jesus or believing in Him but only by confession (announcement or pronouncement) of His Lordship.

"You must voice your faith. Salvation will come only when you say it; to think it will not bring salvation," Pastor Chris said to congregants. Watch the featured excerpt for spiritual edification; remember to like, share and post comments in the section below.

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aziude Kennedy nkemdirim 8 months
what a glorious service. my life took a glorious turn after the service. Glory
151030246090 tempavatar490950148
Biggie Mwanza 9 months
wow may God continue using you my man of God
ikechukwu 9 months
150908478318 tempavatar1859857258
Aklamanu Manasseh 9 months
I will vocalise my faith. Thank your Pastor
146268890159 tempavatar 2134021841
Dominic Justin 9 months
Wow, glory to God
Florish OWAIRU 9 months
Wao beautiful sound is d mother of matter of
Jonathan Alexander 9 months
sound is the mother of all matter, wow!
Sunny Edoho 9 months
147949156970 tempavatar 994096723
Jones Mwalwimba 9 months
Glory hallelujah
patience Davuk 9 months
Glory to God
Onyeoma 9 months
Thank you Pastor. I am a professor of the word
Bismark Raymond Fynn 9 months
God's word is every thing
Victoria Mlobeli 9 months
Glory to God!!
Solomon Tetteh Okornoe 9 months
Glory toGod for His Word
Pheonie Cunningham 9 months
Awesome. Glory to God
147309248894 tempavatar1494550059
eliabeth Mooketsi 9 months
i am exalted, this is the the right time for me to dwell in increasing of grace and peace, hallelujah.
147309248894 tempavatar1494550059
eliabeth Mooketsi 9 months
thank you pastor sir, this is my settime to be colyte
147634828310 tempavatar 1349081913
Tamunoibim Igwe 9 months
Tunde Peter Igbinigie 9 months
Thank you pastor sir for this opportunity
Godwin Kingsley 9 months
Because I'm Precious and Honorable.Therefore, I'm exalted