Pastor Chris Ministers, Miracle Baby Born After 5 Miscarriages

Two IVF rounds and five conceptions could not result in a child for Chiedza till she came to the Healing School.

The Healing School is a haven of hope for many, where faith comes alive, full of joy unspeakable. Chiedza Zukowski is one of thousands who have come to this glorious place. Like many others, she has an outstanding testimony that bears witness to the miracle-working power of God that is manifested at the Healing School. She shares her riveting tale.

When we got married in 2010, my husband and I, like most happy couples, immediately started trying to raise a family,” Chiedza begins. “After a while, we realized that there was a problem. In 2011, I made the first of many journeys to the doctor’s. The tests showed that I had unexplained infertility and fibroids."

Chiedza made different attempts to remedy the situation but none worked. She says, “I tried two rounds of IVF treatment in 2012, but both failed. In January 2014, I became pregnant, which was a pleasant shock but it didn’t survive. I got pregnant four more times that year, but I lost them all.”

At this point, Chiedza was advised to stop trying to get pregnant because her life was at risk due to the immense blood loss she’d suffered. “I was so depressed that I isolated myself from everyone. At one time, I even contemplated suicide. This left me so traumatized that I couldn’t have a normal relationship with my husband anymore. I spent half the time crying and lamenting.”

In this sad state, help came to Chiedza when she heard about the Healing School. With hope in her heart that her joy would be restored, she attended the Autumn Session in 2015. She talks about her experience: “I learned a lot of things at the Healing School about my rights to a healthy life.” At the healing service, the power of God came upon her, and she rejoiced with knowledge that her dream had come to fruition. “I conceived in April 2015 and gave birth on the 24th of December 2015 to my beautiful girl — Hannah Zukowski. God gave me my heart’s desire, and I simply cannot tell it all,” says Chiedza happily.

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Grace T. Hanson about 1 year
I partake of that grace for my marital life my sister as i was with you at the healing school. God bless you and Hannah even more
Jessica Ochia about 1 year
Glory to God
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Plaxcedis about 1 year
Praise God
Mary matthew about 1 year
Glory to God
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Christian about 1 year
Glory to God for ever more.
Amadike john about 1 year
amazing grace
Ed@ceglenview about 1 year
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Ifeyinwa Ubah about 1 year
Thank You Precious Holy Spirit #celagoszone1
sam kandare about 1 year
amazing. beautiful testimony
jennifer about 1 year
glory to God 😇
henrietta Ayinde about 1 year
glory to God. #cephzone2
Mmakan Albert Isonguyo about 1 year
Ntebaleng Mlungwana about 1 year
Onyeoma about 1 year
Glory to God. Thank you Pastor for giving hope to millions of people
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Joel Komla Signan about 1 year
gloryyyyy #ce Accra Ghana zone #ce LA
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Oghale ogbe about 1 year
Glorious God, You are worthy to be praise.I Love you Jesus
Leafe Amosa about 1 year
This is absolutely beautiful
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Leonora Masiiwa about 1 year
He is the God that doeth wonders.
Chiyedza Zukowski about 1 year
You are highly lifted up awesome God!
Naatty Mangwa about 1 year
Glory to God Almighty