Pastor Dupe Isesele Births New Dreams in the Hearts of 1,320 Students

Christ Embassy Calabar's 'Success Motivation' prepares a Christ generation for Nigeria's future.

1,320 students from 11 secondary schools converged at the LoveWorld Event Centre, Christ Embassy Calabar, for a destiny-changing 'Success Motivation'. The program, being the second of its kind, was focused on establishing a new generation, who play by a different set of rules, demonstrating the character of the Spirit.

View of attendees from 11 secondary schools in Calabar.

The esteemed Virtual Zonal Pastor of South-South 2 Virtual Zone 1, Pastor Dupe Isesele, shared explicit truths from the undiluted Word of God, awakening the dreams of the youth present. 258 students declared the Lordship of Jesus and were instantly filled with the Holy Ghost. The Virtual Zonal Pastor released words of prayer and blessings upon everyone present for a glorious future ahead. Copies of 'Now That You Are Born Again' were given to new converts, while every attendee received the Rhapsody TeeVo. 

The Virtual Zonal Pastor shares God's Word with the youths present.

The program also featured stirring and interactive talk shows and educative activities including a Spelling Bee competition, debates and paper craft sessions. Awards were given to the Best 5 schools that participated in the educative games and certificates handed to everyone that represented their schools.

258 students endorse the Lordship of Christ over their lives.

The students departed from the auditorium furnished with leadership skills and inspiration to win their worlds for Jesus.

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Joyce Ncube about 1 year
Glory to God
Amadike john about 1 year
Ngozi Uzowulu about 1 year
Glory to God. #CEPHZONE2
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pastor miriam anistar about 1 year
Glory to God
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Great one #accraghanazone#accra3
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Daniel Toworfe about 1 year
awesome! #ceaccraghanazone #ceinchaban
Ohia Ugochukwu about 1 year
Wow powerful and inspiring. Thank you dear Pastor Dupe and CE Calabar. what a blessing you are
Robinson ofonmbuk about 1 year
Team Calabar Rocks
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Thelma Philip about 1 year
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samuela Rabuku about 1 year
Amen,glory to God
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Cherub Amaechi about 1 year
Praise God forever
Gabriel Atume about 1 year
BRIAN OLATAYO about 1 year
Glory to God!!!!
Oluwatosin Lucas about 1 year
Oluwatosin Lucas about 1 year
there is no stopping the church!
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kenyetta jones about 1 year
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Chisomo about 1 year
glory to God!
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