Pastor Joy Ministers Divine Life to 150million Participants at Online Conference

“Eternal life is in the custody of certain people, and this life can be transmitted through words,” Pastor Joy says to global audience. 

On Friday, February 21st, the esteemed Pastor Joy Amenkhienan, Regional Pastor of Nigerian Northern Regions and Zonal Director, Christ Embassy, Port Harcourt Zone 3, brought the message of Christ’s love to a mammoth audience of over 150 million participants at the 2nd edition of LIFE Online Conference.

Esteemed Pastor Joy Amenkhienan, Zonal Director, CE Port Harcourt Zone 3 and leaders on set at the program.

The 3-hour live broadcast featured Spirit-inspired music ministrations by seasoned LMAM Artistes: Samsong, Pastor Saki and Ayo Vincent. Other exciting highlights of the event were ’the Power of Your Mind’ book review, an enlightening discussion segment on making the right choices in life and the celebration of 20 years of impact with the Rhapsody of Realities.

Panel discussion with LMAM Stars, Pastor Saki, Ayo Vincent and others on set.

Ministering to the teeming audience, Pastor Joy, gave an expose on eternal life, the resurrection and the saving power in the Name of Jesus. She explained that eternal life is in the custody of certain people, and this life can be transmitted through words. “Today I bring to you words of eternal life,” she announced as she went further to make the altar call to those watching from homes, offices, churches, outreach venues and viewing centers. Several participants received Christ, and many were healed during the live broadcast.

Esteemed Pastor Joy Amenkhienan, Zonal Director, CE Port Harcourt Zone 3, teaching on eternal life at the online conference.

Nany Nburu, participating from Nairobi, Kenya, testified of her healing from goiter and pains in the neck which had persisted despite medical attention. “As Pastor (Pastor Joy) was praying for people who were sick, I felt some lightness on my neck. I do not feel the pains anymore,” she wrote. Charity Mwansa, who participated from Chingola, Zambia, testified that the chest pains she felt disappeared while she participated in the conference. Anasimere Nawasala, another participant from Suva, Fiji Islands, received her healing from high blood pressure.

Group participation from a viewing center in Nigeria.

A minister of the Gospel, Leonard Ngeno, testifying of the impact of the message writes: “I am a Pastor of a ministry called Glorious Church, and in all my years, I have not seen God’s Word expressed as I saw in this online video. I have been struggling financially and have been finding it difficult to continue in ministry, but I have been strengthened and I now know better in life, as those people discussed on life’s decisions and the woman of God preached. As the Pastor talked about the Rhapsody of Realities, I have been looking for the chance to get in touch with the people who made that devotional. Please, how do I get copies for my congregation? Thank You.”

Live participation from Indonesia.

Many participants at the viewing centers in Port Harcourt city, attended a physical reception hosted for them, and many have been retained in the church. A new Online TV series - LIFE! with Pastor Joy has also been launched to reach this audience on a daily basis with Christian content.

Beautiful song rendition by the choir at the online conference.

LIFE! Conference is a flagship outreach program of the Christ Embassy Port Harcourt Online Church which has continued to impact millions across the world with the news of God’s saving power. As a result of this conference, outstanding testimonies of healings and miracles have been recorded in two years. This 2nd edition set a new milestone with an attendance of 152, 142, 449 participants, achieving a 54.6% increase from last year’s audience participation of 82,000,000.

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I am inspired! Glory be to God. Thank you Ma