Pastor Joy Ministers in the Philippines, Leads Many to Christ at Miracle Crusade

Thousands receive salvation, healing and understanding of the Gospel at Manila Miracle Crusade.

The city of Manila, acclaimed as the world's most populous city, witnessed an outpouring of God’s favor and spiritual blessings with the esteemed Pastor Joy Amenkhienan’s visit to the Philippines for a phenomenal Manila Miracle Crusade.

View of the congregation worshipping the Lord.

The Manila Miracle Crusade, which held at the Quirino Parade Grounds, Rizal Park, on Saturday, May 26th, was indeed a supernatural visitation for the people of the city and a dream come true for the brethren in Christ Embassy Philippines, who have desired to receive the esteemed Zonal Director in their country.

The esteemed Zonal Director leads many in the prayer of salvation.

Weeks ahead of the epoch-making crusade, the air thickened with excitement and high expectations that propelled the invitees in large numbers to the crusade grounds on D-day. Pastor Joy, ministering God’s Word with great authority and power, brought thousands into the understanding of the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ, which subsequently led to the salvation of many at the program.

A testifier celebrates her healing miracle.

Many received miracles and healing through the diverse manifestations of God's power at the crusade grounds. You can experience highlights in photos from the Manila Miracle Crusade with Pastor Joy Amenkhienan in the gallery below.

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Ngozi Obi 12 months
Glory to God!
bennichristos 12 months
Wow! So mightily grew the Word of God and prevailed
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ekhosuehe Matthew 12 months
Glory to God
Edinam Amegashie 12 months
Praise God
Ann Estrella 12 months
The land of Philippines will never be the same again...The Word of God that is so full of spirit and life will propel the young men and women in the preordained path of glory peace and joy!!
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Pastor Val Ibeachum 12 months
So amazing!