Pastor Moses Proves True Meaning of Easter with Miracles, Signs & Wonders

20,000 people step into God’s purpose in Christ Jesus at Benin Zone 1’s Miracle and Faith Convention.

"Everything in life has a purpose and a reason; if the purpose is not known, abuse is inevitable. The reason for Easter is essentially God’s plan to correct man’s abuse of His primary reason for being." These were some insightful remarks by the esteemed Zonal Pastor of CE Benin Zone 1, Pastor Moses Olayemi, during his message to over 20,000 congregants at the LoveWorld Crusade Grounds, Benin.

View of the teeming crowd at the LoveWorld Crusade Grounds.

Pastor Moses communicated the superiority of eternal life to the plant, animal and human life, teaching that, to enjoy the glory of this eternal life, God’s Word must be accorded significant and irreplaceable attention. Amazing testimonies from students of the Healing School gave great credence to the authenticity and supremacy of eternal life over other forms of life ever known to man. 

Pastor Moses ministers in the power of the risen Christ.

Their testimonies stirred the faith of the participants such that the ministration of the Word produced special miracles. Several cases of debilitating conditions were gloriously healed; prominent among these miracles was the case of a lady who had been bleeding profusely for over a month but was delivered into divine health during the program. Another lady, who had experienced three miscarriages, testified that she knew in her body she had received a miracle.

Music minister, Joe Praize, lifts the congregation into realms of the supernatural.

Awesome ministrations from some zonal LMAM artistes and the Praise team, with rapturous musical renditions from award-winning Gospel music icon, Joe Praize, set the tone for the manifestation of God’s Spirit in this extraordinary and historic convention. 

Many give their hearts to Christ.

More than 2,000 first timers and new converts experienced God's love through the Miracle and Faith Convention in Benin city. Experience the program in pictures through the gallery below.

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153531491874 tempavatar1887385988
Gentle Eyisi 5 months
144447324320 tempavatar1325560157
Efe Daniel Irelen 9 months
indeed the impart of the program lingers on..#cebeninzone1
Victoria Mlobeli 9 months
Glory to the Lord! Thank you Pastor. #cesazone2pretoriagroup
Tunde Ekunsumi 9 months
Congratulations to Dear Pas. Moses. We thank God for manifestation God's power of redemption power with miracles signs and wonders at the meeting. Indeed Jesus Christ is the same yesterday today and forever. glory be to God. Hallelujah!!!
144805949785 tempavatar590416130
Pastor Pachorace Peace Ekpo 9 months
Thank you Pastor Sir, thank God I'm a part of this history
vera 9 months
awesome. wonders of the resurrection power. thank you Lord
Clarke Gilbert 9 months
an awesome meeting
BurkhardtVaa Aitavale 9 months
awesome testimony praise God forevermore. we love you all from CE Hawaii
saint barbara 9 months
Awesome! Glory to God
victoria okeke 9 months
an atmosphere of the supernatural
Joshua Ikenna Mordi 9 months
Ochuko Okpakhalu Daniel 9 months
It was beyond imagination! Benin city will never be the same again
152761908410 tempavatar523843626
Tony-Bright Egboro 9 months
It was really a time of the Supernatural,, The knowledge of God is Eternal Life....Thank you so much Pastor Sir..
148520142761 tempavatar624823871
ogidigbo Samuel 9 months
what an amazing day it was I love you sir
Okunbor Precious 9 months
mind blowing indeed!!! I love my pastor!!
kelly Uromi-owu 9 months
Glory... Word at work.
Sume Nelson 9 months
glory to God
Dr. Young 妙齡 9 months
Amazing and wow
147741811736 tempavatar1003093482
michael odey 9 months
it was an awesome program
148615242679 tempavatar 604291694
Bisram Duth 9 months
Glorious. Congratulations Sir. God bless you