Pastor Yemisi Kudehinbu Shines as Top Partner (Pastors/Directors Category)

Zonal Director, CE Lagos Virtual Zone rises from 3rd place to claim ace spot in keenly contested category.

The esteemed Pastor Yemisi Kudehinbu, Zonal Director, CE Lagos Virtual Zone, drove into stupendous celebrations after being crowned champion in the Top Partners (Senior Pastors/Directors Category), in this Year of Preparation, 2021. It was joy overload for the esteemed Director who, in the company of her partners, emotionally celebrated her victory, after rising from the 3rd place spot, last year to becoming number one this year.

Pastors Biodun and Lisa Lawal joined by members, celebrate their well-deserved win.

In second place were the esteemed Pastor Biodun, Zonal Director, CE Accra Ghana Zone, and his beloved wife, Pastor Lisa Lawal who also leaped for joy for their win. The Zonal Director of CE Lagos Zone 5, the esteemed Pastor Deola Phillips also celebrated joyfully, having emerged 3rd place winner in this category of awards. 

Pastor Deola Phillips and her members celebrate her cherished award. 

Hearty congratulations to all our winners for their well-deserved victories.

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