Port Harcourt Zone 3 Celebrates ‘the Pastor Chris Exceptionalism’ with a Song

Pastor Joy and members of PH Zone 3 pour out benedictions on the BLW President on his birthday.

7th of December remains etched in history as the day the world received a man sent from God. On this special day, we say thank you, Pastor, sir, for teaching us how to live and enjoy life to the full; for training us with the Word of God in righteousness, showing us the mind of God and guiding us into a successful and ever-winning life.

Thank you, sir, for mentoring us for stellar leadership and greatness. Everyone that has listened and followed you turned out to be great, mighty and influential. Today, we celebrate the wisdom of God expressed, a dispensation, a global phenomenon, a world changer, the 'Pastor Chris exceptionalism' and a trailblazer.

You are indeed the voice of God to the world. You take the divine presence of God to the peoples and nations of the world. You demonstrate the character of the Spirit. You distribute eternal verities, and you have raised many sons to glory. It is our greatest honor and joy to celebrate you today as your well beloved children.

All of Heaven and earth applauds you today for the countless lives you have blessed, changed, imparted and transformed. Just like Jesus, if we would recount all the exploits that you have wrought for the Lord, the world would not contain the books.

We salute you, our father, our life-coach, our mentor and our hero! Happy Birthday Dad. We love you!

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Justice Akaninwor 12 months
Happy birthday to you, our father. We love you!
Ogboi doris about 1 year
Happy birthday pastor sir ! thank you CEPH
Brighton Chitamba about 1 year
So touching!!
obotivere eguono about 1 year
Happy birthday sir. Thank you for giving my life a meaning. I love you sir
148525552262 tempavatar 1006203528
Leonard Peters about 1 year
Happy Birthday Pastor Sir. l love you.
147701044245 tempavatar 1012899819
Apostle about 1 year
FAVOUR about 1 year
Happy birthday to my life coacher,the one that helped me to fulfill my calling on earth,i love daddy pastor Chris
ENE ANTHONY about 1 year
Happy flourishing birthday sir
Christopher Kodjo Ahade about 1 year
English language is limited to express it d full. Pastor Sir, We love you, Happy blessed birthday Sir.
145461815953 tempavatar1737476692
divine kean about 1 year
gratitude is all we have pastor for been a father,mentor,coach and teacher to us.i love u sir
juliet osaro about 1 year
Happy birthday Pastor Chris Sir I love you
abiodun adefila about 1 year
Extremely well said! Happy birthday, Pastor Dad!
Eddie Terrence Akorhe about 1 year
Words alone cannot Express how truly your life has Changed Many around the world today#Cewz#Ch3#Choir.