Power of God on Display as Pastor Chris Ministers to the Sick at Healing Service

Cancers, diabetes, infertility, heart diseases, blood conditions bow to the Name of Jesus on Easter Sunday.

An unusual atmospheric change heralded the arrival of the man of God, Pastor Chris, amidst jubilation and applause at the first Healing Service of the Autumn Session 2018.

The presence of God was tangible and left the congregants standing and cheering in awe of the power of God released as Pastor Chris ministered to the sick. Shouting, dancing, jumping and celebrations characterized the moments as the students rejoiced for their miracles.

Cancers, peptic ulcers, diabetes, infertility, heart diseases, infectious diseases, HIV and other blood conditions bowed to the blessed Name of Jesus Christ! The young and old alike who were ministered to, demonstrated their healing, doing what they could not do before — free at last!

What a precious time it was, standing in the presence of unprecedented miracles, particularly on Easter Sunday! Follow the Healing School SuperUser account on KingsChat for more inspiring testimonies.

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Nwabueze ibeanu 9 days
The lord has heard are prayers .
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EvelynAbotsi 13 days
The entrance of His Word. Praise God!
150816498458 tempavatar1087310378
signal 13 days
amen. glory to God. thank you you Pastor . The word of God is alive.hallelujah!
144623196082 image
Bukky 13 days
Glory to Jesus. Halleluyah
David Paul 14 days
Praise God!!!
Chrisma Asa 14 days
Hallelujah. Glory. Praise God. Thank You dear Lord Jesus. Thank You Pastor Sir.
150712702634 tempavatar2135495138
Donald Museka 15 days
Thank you Pastor Sir! Thank you Lord Jesus. Thank you Heavenly Father
Uju Okorogu 15 days
Praise God for ever more! Jesus Christ the same, yesterday, today and forever! Thank You Pastor Sir for making The Word come alive in our time! Thank You Sir
150685560575 tempavatar944011160
osazee ediae 15 days
Glorrryyyy hallelujah! !!Indeed it was a glorious time with our man of God
kenneth nwabueze 16 days
father, father, thank you for the intervention and healing!!!!
Victoria Mlobeli 16 days
Glory to God!! #cesazone2pretoriagroup
bennichristos 16 days
glory glory g!ory
olanrewaju oyetunji 16 days
It's the best school in the world with the best news in the world.
149687371671 tempavatar1356643334
Comfort Duncan 16 days
Glorryyyýyyyyy Amen. thank you Sir, God bless you greatly
151549749131 tempavatar1494884185
Evelyn Fanti 16 days
#cesazone4 Hallellujah Amen.
justice ukerhi 16 days
What a mighty God we serve🎵🎶🎷
144681228306 tempavatar1419178017
Dcns Tembisa Mabentsela 16 days
...and the power of God was present to heal them all
151177501061 tempavatar 1521949517
nana yaw kesse 16 days
Bibian Nwanya 16 days
what a might God we serve. Thank you precious Jesus for each delegate present as they received their healing they will build their faith to strong faith to retain all their healing in Jesus might name I have declared Amen.
147812009669 tempavatar679123354
susana Attah 16 days
Awesome, awesome glory to God.