“Protect Children,” Pastor Chris Instructs Delegates at LPC Ghana 2018!

Pastor Chris admonishes parents and child-care givers on how to handle and protect children.

“It takes a special grace to handle children,” the BLW President said to thousands present at the LoveWorld Arena in Ghana last weekend. He warned parents and child-care givers to be cautious about who makes contact with a child.

Addressing the congregation, he said, “every time you touch a child, you transmit something to that child; that’s why, it’s not everybody that should touch your child.” Instructing the brethren to treat every child as theirs and be blessers of children, Pastor Chris said, “Children are constant recipients of what we pass to them; from childhood is where a lot of people got the problems that have plagued them all their lives.”

The instructions in the featured video are critical in saving the lives and future of many young ones; ensure to watch and share.

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Irene Bvunzawabaya 21 days
Powerful. Thank you Pastor Sir
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Gentle Eyisi 22 days
Thank you Sir for this timely word.
Mary Mazanhi 22 days
Thank you very much Pastor sir,love you
Chichy 22 days
Thank you so much sir, i love you
iosub Liliana7@yahoo.com 22 days
Amin Mulțumesc Bine Adevărat
janeowise 22 days
Thank you Pastor Sir for the knowledge
Pastor Eno Etukafia 22 days
thank you sir
olanrewaju oyetunji 23 days
This is very important!
saint barbara 23 days
Thank you Pastor Sir
Clinton Favour 23 days
Thank you Sir.
Don Udofia 23 days
Pastor Sir, Thank you for always pouring yourself into us and guiding us through the Word.