ReachOut Nigeria Press Conference Graced by the Deputy Governor of Delta State

"We are boldly declaring that our independence day is not a day to curse our nation!" — Evang. (Dr.) Eddy Owase

The Deputy Governor of Delta State, Nigeria, the Chairman of the Nigerian Union of Journalists, honorable dignitaries of the government house and pressmen from various media stations were present at the ReachOut Nigeria Press Conference, hosted by Christ Embassy Warri Zone.

The auditorium filled with dignitaries and the press.

Testimonies on the impact of Rhapsody of Realities in the nation Nigeria were communicated to attendees of the press conference. This event marked the official commencement of the distribution of Rhapsody of Realities in the months of October and November, as well as the official launch of community projects: Revamping of the Youth Resource Center; the RON Football Tournament finals; RON Carnival and Distribution; Musical Concert; the Establishment of the RON Foundation 2017 to promote innovations in science, food and technology; and the maintenance of projects from past RON campaigns.

The Deputy Governor about to cut the ribbon, launching RON distributions and community projects. 

The highly esteemed Regional Pastor, Evang. (Dr.) Eddy Owase, in his opening speech stated that the ReachOut Nigeria movement avails citizens of the BLW Nation an opportunity to declare their faith and pray for a great nation and her people. "Through ReachOut Nigeria, we are boldly declaring that our independence day is not a day to moan and regret or curse our nation and our leaders for what we perceive as our failures or missed opportunities. It’s a time, instead, to bless Nigeria, to rejoice and celebrate her greatness and thank God for giving us a nation with such extraordinary wealth and great potentials that we expect would be realized on the world’s stage,” he said.

The highly esteemed Regional Pastor addresses the press in the company of dignitaries.

ReachOut Nigeria celebrates the goal to achieve 900 translations of the Messenger Angel, acknowleding its translation into 16 indigenous languages already, through the Warri Zone. There is no doubt that this year's campaign will fulfill its theme, 'Inspiring Greater Dreams' as Nigeria celebrates her 57th Independence Day anniversary.

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Steve Nyimbiri 8 months
praise be to God Glory
Agbonselowo Stella 9 months
Glory to God
folefac jerry 9 months
hallelujah i am internal grateful to our pastor
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Pst Jide Owoyemi 9 months
Awesome and very inspiring RON Press conference
Oghenechohwo Obruche Wilfred 9 months
glory to God
Edwin Porbley 9 months
Praise the Lord!!!!!!
Onyeoma 9 months
Thank you Pastor for inspiring in us this patriotism. God bless Nigeria
Joyce Nwoke 9 months
wao thank you Jesus for Nigeria
Princewill Ohaekwe 9 months
Sonia Emofonmwan 9 months
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Emmanuel A Oyetunde 9 months
...Happy Independence Day, God Own Country... Nigeria!
144433427874 tempavatar 1123868847
Emmanuel A Oyetunde 9 months
Nigeria, an extraordinary nations/Country of Excellent, God bless you!
Maxwell wokoma 9 months
wonderfully glorious!!!
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Sis Kelly Mo (CE Botswana) 9 months
Happy birthday Nigeria. Glory!
olanrewaju oyetunji 9 months
Praise God! Thank you very highly Esteemed Regional Pastor sir. #swregion
Xavier Tambiavula 9 months
Glory to God! Happy Independence day.
saint barbara 9 months
Glory to God. Happy Independence day.
Adaobi Ereku 9 months
Happy independence Nigerians! Great News from Warri Zone!
Donald 9 months
Nigeria needs more prayers
Ine Richards 9 months