Relive the Moments as Pastor Chris Announces 'the Month of the Shining Light'!

"God’s glory will be manifested in you like never before," the BLW President declares!

The August 2017 Global Communion Service culminated in the declaration of the word of the Spirit for BLW citizens around the world. "This month is a special month for you, because you are a shining light," the man of God declared to the delight of the global congregation.

Making reference to John 5:35, the BLW President reminded the brethren of the scripture's account concerning John the Baptist that "he was a burning and a shining light." "God's glory will be manifested in you like never before," he prophetically declared as congregations of hundreds and thousands around the world responded with a rapturous 'Amen'!

"Say 'I am a light, and my light is shining'," the man of God instructed the congregation. Relive the moments in the special video clip featured above, and stay tuned for more exclusive updates from the service on LoveWorld News.

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150633969397 tempavatar1951916809
Amadike John 11 months
I'm a shining light
Pastor Osas Eriyo 11 months
this is my month cos I'm the shining light. glory!
Agbakoba Nnamdi 11 months
Thank you pastor for revealing to me that I am not just the light but the shinning light and I am shinning and nothing can stop me. Glory to God
Henrietta Igucha 11 months
I'm a shining light to my world and the world rejoices at my light.glory to God .Thank you sir.
Chrisma Asa 11 months
I am light and l am shining brighter and brighter everyday my Pastor Sir. Thank You Pastor Sir.
148615242679 tempavatar 604291694
Bisram Duth 11 months
I'm a light and my light is shining.Glory to God
olanrewaju oyetunji 11 months
Abraham's kids must shine! I refuse not to shine! Hallelujah! Philippians 2:15 My light shines everywhere! #EsteemedPastorIsrael. We shine, shine in Your Name Lord, for Your Glory is risen upon us...#EsteenedSinatch Glory to God!
147634828310 tempavatar 1349081913
Tamunoibim Igwe 11 months
I am shining ever so brightly! Glory
Rich man 11 months
Am shining everyday in jesus name
147812009669 tempavatar679123354
susana Attah 11 months
Thank you Pastor sir. I am a shining light and I'll keep shining everywhere.
Divine 11 months
Hallelujah! I'm the Light of the World and I'm shining brighter everyday
Ibubeye Oyioloko Briggs 11 months
A special month for me,"My month of shining light. #ceph
Onyeoma 11 months
My light shines everywhere
Samson Chukwuemeka 11 months
My light is shinning like never before. Glorrrrrrrrr........rrry
janeowise 11 months
Gloryyyyy! I am a light, n my light is shining.
147050398627 tempavatar 1874110709
Kingstone Donga 11 months
I am a shinning ight and my light is shining..Gloryyyy!!!! thank you sir
150685560575 tempavatar944011160
osazee ediae 11 months
Glorrryyyy hallelujah yesss is my month of the shining light, and am already shining going all out for evangelism, just as pastor said to act right away, am all out for Jesus hallelujah. Am shining like never before so brightly
149687371671 tempavatar1356643334
Comfort Duncan 11 months
Amen. yes, I am a shining light, glory to God. I shine. Thank you so much Sir, cause you are also a shining light and you shine so brightly in Jesus name.
146211250477 tempavatar1815055942
laar Isaiah laari 11 months
am a burning and shining light
Jérôme Yao 11 months
yes this is the set time for me to be