Resplendent Celebration of Nigeria’s Heritage Marks RON Concert in Warri

Over 3,000 participants converge for the colorful event at CE Midwest Zonal Church, Warri, Nigeria.

On Sunday, October 12th, the Oil City of Warri, popularly known as 'the Jewel of the Delta', witnessed a most colorful Reach Out Nigeria Fiesta Concert. The unique event took place at Christ Embassy Midwest Zonal Church, CE Bowen Avenue, Warri, South-South Nigeria. The Church auditorium was filled to capacity with over 3,000 participants agog with excitement to experience finest Gospel music and art performances showcasing Nigeria’s rich heritage. Over 5,000 others also participated via livestreams on various social media platforms. Exhilarating ministration in songs by top LoveWorld All-Stars: Eben, Testimony Jaga, Agent Snypa, Jive Angels as well as special renditions by other talented LMAM artistes across the zone, characterized the concert. 

A scenic view of the auditorium filled to capacity with jubilant congregation.

The Concert opened up with a classic rendition of the Nigeria national anthem and the LoveWorld anthem. A conclave of poetry and metaphors by the group, ‘The Triad’, followed afterwards. The congregation was held spellbound with a dexterous spoken word rendition, eulogizing the Messenger Angel, Rhapsody of Realities and its impact in building not just the spirit man, but the total man and by extension the nation at large. The event also featured a fashion fiesta which saw members of the four subgroups in CE Warri-South group engage in a fashion show contest. The various groups were clad in traditional attires displaying the rich cultural heritage of the major ethnic groups in their catchments; members of New Layout subgroup came dressed in the beautiful attires of the Urhobo nation; Iyara subgroup were clad in the Ijaw nation regalia; Ekpan Real subgroup on the other hand were clothed in the Yoruba ethnic attire; members of the host Church, Bowen subgroup, were adorned in the Itsekiri royal attire. Each subgroup also had a cultural troupe with exhilarating performances mesmerized with unique rhythms and accompanying acrobatics.

The esteemed Pastor Mary Owase, Zonal Pastor, CE MidWest Zone doing a special dance with Gospel reggae sensation, Agent Snypa. 

From rap music to hip hop, LMAM artistes across the zone such as Xone, Sherriff, Stella, Joy and others, led the congregation in a perpetual praise parade. Bootstrap and Sister Nolly took the congregation to a higher pedestal with the rendition of the pop number ‘Zionite’. While ministering the classic afro-centric hit song ‘Jesus’, Testimony Jaga led the congregation in rapturous worship to God leading to a session of prophetic proclamations. Song ministrations by multiple awards winning Gospel music sensation, Eben; Gospel reggae pop crooner, Agent Snypa and spectacular choreography presentation by the exceptional dance duo, Jive Angels, made the experience heavenly for participants.

Colorful cultural dance presentation by CE Bowen Subgroup.

The esteemed Zonal Director of CE Midwest Zone, Pastor Mary Owase, declared words of prophecies and blessings upon the congregation while ministering. The atmosphere was electrified with God’s glory and the people received God’s Word with great joy and celebration. 

With one voice participants worshiped God, proclaiming blessings upon the nation. 

The Reach Out Nigeria Fiesta Concert is part of a lineup of activities by the zone to mark the Reach Out Nigeria 2020 trifold campaign (‘Rhapsody of Realities 20th Year in Print Celebrations’, ‘the 1 Million Outreaches Fiesta’ and the ‘Reach Out Nigeria Fiesta Celebration’). The annual campaign which is now in its 13th consecutive year is a special movement inspired by the Spirit of God through the man of God, Reverend (Dr.) Chris Oyakhilome, poised to effect desired positive changes in the nation through God’s Word. It is done in commemoration of Nigeria’s independence anniversary. The Zonal Pastor and members of CE Midwest Zone, expressed profound gratitude to LoveWorld President, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome for the special gift of the Rhapsody of Realities and for the opportunity to participate in the free distribution of the number one daily devotional in these last days, thus impacting their communities with the Gospel. Enjoy picture highlights of the even featured in the photo gallery below and stay connected to LoveWorld News for more sizzling news updates.

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