SamJamz of LegallyMe Follows the Process for Acquiring a Voters’ Card in Nigeria

Learn how to obtain a permanent voters’ card in Nigeria, ahead of General Elections, with this episode.

As citizens of the BLW Nation in Nigeria prayed earnestly and fasted over the course of 21 days, tremendous power was stirred in the realm of the spirit to bring the nation to the realization of her potentials. During this period, SamJamz was inspired to show Nigerians, particularly youths, how to also exercise their rights in electing God-fearing government officials.

With Nigeria's next General Election less than a year away, the host of LegallyM, follows the process for obtaining a Permanent Voters' Card in preparation to take up civil responsibility. Without the PVC, it is impossible to cast votes at the General Election in Nigeria, hence the importance of this short video that explains the process.

In 2 hours, SamJamz left the INEC Center with a temporary voters' card, with the expectation that the PVC will be distributed ahead of elections within a few months. Watch the featured video and share with Nigerians, calling on them to be prepared for the opportunity to influence the nation's future.

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Olubunmi Sunday 12 months
amazing ! Stay high on the MostHigh!
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Adesina Oluwasinaayomi 12 months
Well done guys. After we have prayed. this is one of the very first steps we all should take. thank you and God bless you all.
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Ifunanya C. Ani 12 months
Glorrrrrrry. Thank You
Kings Child about 1 year
all the best