Start Burning the Holiday Calories with this Workout Routine by Brother Naphtali

‘Transform by Naphtali’ brings you a workout routine to help get rid of holiday calories quickly and effectively.

The Christmas season presents opportunities to accumulate calories through celebratory eating and drinking, without providing commensurate chances to exercise and use those calories. The result for some is an unwanted increase in body mass, largely attributed to sugar and calorie intake.

In the featured episode of 'Transform by Naphtali, shot at Battery Park in downtown Manhattan, your personal trainer shows effective exercises that can help you get on track to burning those holiday calories. The routine begins with basic stretches for your quads and hamstrings, which are important before any workout.

Up next after the warmup stretches are cardio exercises with high knee raises that get your heart pumping, your body burning fat and legs toned. A superset follows, combining squat jumps and push-ups to gain muscle and burn fat. Naphtali also introduces bear crawls that work the triceps, core, deltoids (shoulders) and chest. The session ends with some core exercises.

For optimal results, do these exercises 3-4 times a week and go at your own pace with the right form to avoid injuries. You can catch Naphtali on KingsChat @transformbynaph.

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Theodora ikenwosu 10 months
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Theodora ikenwosu 10 months
thank you for this workout video. i will sureky
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Donald Museka 10 months
Awesome workout. I enjoyed! Thank you!
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