Team #USACAN Wins Celebrity Chef Competition at the Flourishing Carnival

BLW citizens in United States and Canada celebrate big win as their Pastors triumph at the ultimate taste-test.

The scores have been tallied, and the reviews are in: Team #USACAN is the winning group for this year's #CelebrityChef Competition. The mouth-watering gourmet dish was excellently made and plated by Pastors from the United States — Pastor Uche Onubogu; Pastor Aloy Okei; Pastor Eustace Okoeka and Pastor Femi Olumurewa — and Pastors from Canada — Pastor Richard Peña and Pastor Chris Teagle.

Since the announcement of the competition, BLW citizens in respective geographical regions have used their team's hashtag hundreds of thousands of times on KingsChat, in an effort to give their region the advantage in an unpredictable competition. While contestants from virtually all teams bragged about their anticipated win, they also attempted to sharpen their culinary skills behind closed doors. 

Comic remix to 'I Know Who I Am' by Team #UKEuro.

Watch the featured video to relive some of the light-hearted competitive spirit inspired by this year's edition of the #CelebrityChef competition. It was certainly a holy competition, all in honor of one worthy of the very best for giving God's best to the world.

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Blessing O. 8 months
Congratulations on the victory of team USACAN. Victory all the way.
144621765657 tempavatar 1438181444
Grace Donald Obomanu 8 months
This is so hilarious , really creative . well done pastors. For adding flavour to this celebration. I have been rolling in laughter
Theodora ikenwosu 8 months
yes sirs you all know how to cook.
ahudiya osiri 8 months
well done!!!!
mudiaga moses 8 months
hilarious! I live a life of flavour
146577680013 tempavatar862452570
Pastor Oluyinka Stephen 8 months
This is so beautiful. I love the remix! Well done team UK, I like your swag. Congratulations team USA/CANADA for winning!! We love you so much Pastor Chris. #LZ3
Arnold Nyatwa 8 months
that video tho! 😂😂
Upson Uche 8 months
wow. glorious. #cezaria
153298564442 image
Ethel Degui 8 months
148330175667 tempavatar 335452327
Pst Beatrice Ogolla 8 months
We live a life of flavour, coz we know how to cook
saint barbara 8 months
Pastor Soso 8 months
Marie Gabrielle Onissah 8 months
hurray !!!!!! We are number One ..... #USACAN winning team
146452892202 tempavatar 1120669503
Lizzy Sarimiye 8 months
Wow! This is beautiful
Ejiofor Stephnora 8 months
oh wonderful. And a very flourishing birthday to my father. Love you sir
144457639752 tempavatar 1199084491
Sekesai Vera (#CESAZONE1 SandtonGrp) 8 months
Lol if we are a coat of many colours, why limit yourself to one colour. Thank you sirs
150507242249 tempavatar1979843694
Terence Tanila 8 months
hahahhahahahaha. Our pastors know who they are
Bernice Botsyo 8 months
Wonderful!! A very flourishing happy happy birthday to my Daddy, Mentor , my life coach and abive all my Pastor. God bless you and increase you.I love you Pastor. #accraghanazone#accra3
144566258436 tempavatar1572370122
Chidinma Ozulumba 8 months
Highly entertaining and inspiring!...Indeed "in honour of one worthy of the very best for giving God's best to the world". Happy birthday Sir. I love you.
153091305910 tempavatar189330324
Diana Agbomah 8 months
Congratulation Sirs