"There's No Such Thing as Good Luck," Pastor Chris Teaches at Sunday Service!

"Things that come to us on the basis of some general fortune don’t last." — Pastor Chris.

Everyone in the congregation at yesterday's Sunday Service with the man of God, Pastor Chris, had their minds renewed, through the teaching of God's Word, to be stayed on the Lord and trust in His Word just as Isaiah 26:3 prescribes.

Dismantling myths about success, the BLW President said "there's no such thing as good luck!" "Things that come to us on the basis of some general fortune don’t last. They don’t come with life; they don’t stay. Even when they stay for a long time, there is no fulfillment," he continued, interjecting his sermon with emphases on going after the peace that comes with success that is achieved through the Word.

"Money doesn’t bring joy, doesn’t give you fulfillment," Pastor says in the featured excerpt from the service at the LoveWorld Convocation Arena, teaching the congregation that the achievements that bring fulfillment and peace are those connected with doing God's Word.

Set your sail for a glorious week with the video above, and remember to stay tuned for more clips from Sunday Service with Pastor Chris. Share your comments with us below, like this post and publish on other platforms for many to be blessed by.

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149789816974 lekan
Olamilekan kzm 12 months
wow there's no good luck. i'm so bless
146803263520 tempavatar 2046931362
ojokoh Ernest 12 months
What a wonderful n impacted msg .Thank u so much pastor u have brought us a knowledge of a champion from the word of God.
raymond okhomina about 1 year
thank you sir! the message is very inspiring .
charles about 1 year
powerful staff
144554166650 tempavatar 932283757
michael chirara about 1 year
Glory to God #cesazone5
144529298373 tempavatar 1405439000
Godswill Nneji about 1 year
what insight we've received. #cesoutheastzone
Tambi about 1 year
Blessed be God
Hannah Thauzeni about 1 year
powerful Amen
Victoria Mlobeli about 1 year
Glory be to God! Thank you Pastor.
149321196075 tempavatar 1220039830
Paul Gombingo about 1 year
Thank you sir
151405039434 tempavatar1905707664
King April Zoromi about 1 year
i believe in the truth, the word of God is my hope.
Chrisma Asa about 1 year
I will stay my mind on the Word of God. I am a doer of the Word of God. Praise God.
147309248894 tempavatar1494550059
eliabeth Mooketsi about 1 year
thank you pastor sir, iam excellent and sacsses and full of glory of god.hallelujah.
147309248894 tempavatar1494550059
eliabeth Mooketsi about 1 year
oh, lord you are my Pease in the mist of the storm, you are the air that i breath oh Lord.glorrrrrry!!!
Amadike john about 1 year
the word is sharper than any two egded sword
144433427874 tempavatar 1123868847
Emmanuel A Oyetunde about 1 year
Thank You Lord! The peace You've given me, no man can take it away, It Is impossible, for they didn't give, it's above their league... gloooorrrryyyyy
Uzukwu joy chidinma about 1 year
149694656988 tempavatar 1889779615
Daniel Toworfe about 1 year
awesome words of life from Pastor. Thank you pastor Sir. #ceaccraghanazone #ceinchaban
144663175574 tempavatar 1119588574
QueenHelen CEShefld UKZone1 about 1 year
Peace in the mist of trouble....thats my life
Godwin about 1 year
i refuse to rely on some hard work but the word thank you pastor. i.. love you. #cebeninzone1