"This Month You're Going to Be Blessing-Conscious!" — Pastor Chris Oyakhilome

Watch and relive the moments as Pastor Chris declares October 2017 'the Month of Blessings'!

"Out of the abundance of the heart, the mouth speaks," Pastor Chris reminded the global congregation at the October Communion Service yesterday, quoting Luke 6:45 and Matthew 12:34. The man of God, in the featured video excerpt, charges BLW citizens to be blessing-conscious in this special month.

Pastor called to the awareness of participants around the world that they have been "blessed with the blessings of Abraham," as new creations in Christ Jesus. He went on to issue powerful affirmations to which millions around the world echoed: "I’m remembered for blessing everywhere! My day is blessed. Everything about me is blessed. My way is blessed!"

Relive the moments by watching the featured video and proclaiming the faith confessions along with the man of God. Share, like and post your comments in the section below.

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Anthony Emeka Onuegbu 11 months
Thank you Pastor for the wonderful words
150055245575 tempavatar1212180502
otobong Saturday Tom 12 months
Thank you sir l love you
Chrisma Asa 12 months
Yes Pastor Sit, I am b,lessed. I am being. blessed I am blessing. Hallelujah.
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Samuel Wisdom Balogun 12 months
Thank You Pastor Sir, throughout this I'll be blessing conscious because I've been blessed with the blessings of Abraham. Halleluia !!!
anne ajeih 12 months
I was blessed by the words of our man of God. i'm conscious of my heavenly blessings; glory to GOD
tina ken okoto 12 months
Halleluhah thank you dear Lord Jesus, I'm so blessed, my going out and my coming in is blessed, everytin around me is blessed glorry
Nneka E. Onwuka 12 months
Hallelujah! Glory to God
Inyang Edem Orok \ 12 months
hallelujah praise the lord for ever more I'm blessed all the days of life thank u Jesus
Juliet 12 months
Hallelujah ❤️🙏🏾 thank you Lord Jesus 🙏🏾❤️ i am so bless 🙌🏽☝️️thank you so much pastor sir you're the best ❤️❤️😍😍🙏🏾🙏🏾🙌🏽🙌🏽
149775843769 tempavatar 1888187576
Sharon Raganya 12 months
I am blessed. Hallelujah!
Patricia Majola 12 months
I'm blessed and am a blessing
John Onomroba 12 months
i walk in my blessing every day of this month
144566258436 tempavatar1572370122
Chidinma Ozulumba 12 months
What a month! I'm overflowing with blessings! Thank you Lord Jesus! Glory to God for my excellent month of October! Thank you Pastor Sir for bringing me the word! I love you Sir!
150633969397 tempavatar1951916809
Amadike John 12 months
I'm blessed
Joshua Dowuona- Owoo 12 months
Joshua Dowuona- Owoo 12 months
I'm blessing Conscious. My day and way is blessed. Glory!!! Thanks Pastor
anitha ncube 12 months
I am blessed glorrrrry! thank you Pastor Sir
Anthony okolie 12 months
Glory am blessed Nd it my month of blessing. thank you my pastor i love sir
Allen Mafusire 12 months
glory, im blessed beyond measure. thank you Pastor Sir
Kingsley Erediegha 12 months
my day is bless, my way is bless, am bless in all things