Thousands Present as 'a Night to Remember' at Ambrose Alli University Kicks Off

A destiny-defining experience at the MCC4C Ambrose Alli University kicks off for thousands present.

The Sports Complex, Ambrose Alli University Ekpoma, is the rendezvous point for thousands of young people present for the much-anticipated Mega Campus Crusades for Christ, ‘a Night to Remember’, which promises to be a transformative experience.

The Vice-Chancellor of the institution gives an address.

There is so much exuberance in the spirit as the young people continue to arrive in droves from different parts of the school and it environment. Students, staff and faculty, members of the BLW Nation lifted holy hands to God in worship as the Praise Team led the congregation.

Special musical presentations stir the crowd.

Young ministers in music, rap, spoken word and other arts also seize the unique opportunity to bless the world with the investment of the Spirit in them. Watch the ongoing program LIVE now on CeFLIX:, and remember to stay tuned to LoveWorld News for more updates.

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Pastor Eddie Moyo #blwZimbabweZone 10 months
Gloooory 🔥🔥🔥
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Pastor Esther Obaja 10 months
timothy osarenmwinda 10 months
we made jesus proud
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Naa_Zoë 10 months
Praise God
Nkosiphendule 10 months
Blessed be God! Ten in one , we experience the Supernatural in the Year of the Supernatural
saint barbara 10 months
Glory to God!!!!
James Uhunmwuangho 10 months
wow wow this is awesome
Moses Moses 10 months
Awesome and Glory to God!
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Pastor Eddie Moyo #blwZimbabweZone 10 months