Total Experience Yaounde Yields Supernatural Harvest of 1,000 Souls to Christ

6,135 people brave severe weather, 728 connect online from 11 nations, to Total Experience Yaounde.

On Saturday, October 20th, 6,135 people ignored heavy rainfalls in order to make their way to ‘Palais Polyvalent des Sports’ for Total Experience Yaounde. 728 online attendees from 11 countries — United Arab Emirates, France, Gabon, Germany, Congo DR and more — connected LIVE via Christ Embassy Douala’s virtual church.

View of the congregation at Total Experience Yaounde.

Many days before Total Experience Yaounde, the city of Cameroon was agog with news and excitement about the program, rousing high expectations for the miraculous in thousands of prospective attendees. The event kicked off with fervent prayers and an opening address, even as the atmosphere was stirred with a dance ministration by the LCAA Dance Group and an inspiring praise and worship segment with ministrations by LMAM All-Star, Martin PK.

LMAM All-Star, Martin PK, leading a session of worship and praise.

The esteemed Virtual Zonal Pastor, Pastor Akin Oketunji, ministered under tremendous grace to the hearing of a captivated crowd. He taught on the topic, ‘the Christian Identity’, elucidating on the divine life that is the present-hour reality of every Christian. Faith was stirred in believers to live the glorious life in Christ, while unbelievers had their eyes enlightened to see the end of all their sufferings.

The esteemed Virtual Zonal Pastor ministers God's Word to the congregation at Total Experience Yaounde.

When the altar call was made, a glorious sight of 1,006 souls swarmed the stage with great enthusiasm to receive Christ into their heart. As Pastor Akin began to minister to the sick in the audience, commanding the demons to come out of their bodies, several miracles erupted throughout the arena, and many testified to God’s saving power and goodness.

Over a thousand souls come forward to receive Jesus as Lord at Total Experience Yaounde.

Copies of the Rhapsody of Realities, Pastor Chris Digital Library vouchers for the 'Year of the Supernatural' message in French and several audio-visual materials by Pastor Chris were distributed to first timers and new converts. The city of Yaounde, the entire nation of Cameroon and the zone were imparted for peace, prosperity and development. 

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Bekombo Maka dorette christiane 26 days
Glory Glory to God..Thank you Holy spirit
Brighton Chitamba about 1 month
Glory be to God!!!
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carine zoe about 1 month
Ô Lord So grateful To you❤
Abake Hedwig favour about 1 month
Cameroon has been taken to another level
Nso Roosvelt about 1 month
Glory to God! Thank you Holy Spirit.
Idahosa Ebenezer about 1 month
The church is unstoppable
Gemandze Derrick about 1 month
Pst Isaac Agarwal about 1 month
congratulation saints
Hermine Djanpa about 1 month
Glory to God.Thank you pastor sir,thank you Martin PK for the ministration.I was totaly restaured.#ewcavz4#CEdla
Kenfack. Alain Joseph about 1 month
waou praise God. this is why the peace of God is so tangible in Cameroon.
babila about 1 month
The church is marching on #ewcavz4
DAVID ODU about 1 month
kabaya zeze the Church is matching on
Awo Pauline about 1 month
praise the Lord
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Evelyne Ekedi about 1 month
Glory to the Lord JESUS! The zone will never be the same! #ewcavz4 #cedla
146568111124 tempavatar 834546868
Pst Obong Ime about 1 month
awe inspiring
moyeh Charles Godson about 1 month
Winifred Daniels about 1 month
Thank God I was a part of this
moyeh charles about 1 month
glory to God
Joyce Ncube about 1 month
Glory to God
Francis Kadjie about 1 month
Total Experience was a complete experience