Translators Reach Thousands with Messenger Angel on Pakistan’s Independence

Pakistani Christians inspired by Rhapsody translators’ passionate distribution of the Messenger Angel.

Pastor Wilson and Saba Ejaz, team leaders for the Rhapsody Translators’ Network International in Pakistan, capitalized on the opportunity created by festivities surrounding the Pakistani Independence Day to distribute copies of the Messenger Angel, Rhapsody of Realities, and reach many souls for Jesus.

Celebrating the Messenger Angel at the campaign launch.

The ReachOut Pakistan campaign kicked off on Sunday, August 12th, a few days before the nation’s Independence Day on August 14th. Distribution started in the church, as part of an exciting program that included choruses of patriotic songs, ministry of the Word and a special prayer for the nation’s development and the advancement of the Gospel in it.

Copies of the Messenger Angel being distributed on the highway from a carnival trailer.

On the Independence Day, a rally was held in local churches, beginning with a time of prayer that led into a carnival-style street storm. The brethren launched out on a carnival float, dressed in the nations colors of green and white, warming up the atmosphere with lively national songs. Some of the brethren sang from a trailer, while others accompanied in cars and motorcycles, distributing the #1 daily devotional. 

Pastor Wilson Ejaz with other Rhapsody partners.

Many gave their hearts to Christ in the course of the procession, while Christians who witnessed the display of passion for Chris were strengthened to do more for the Lord. The thousands of copies of the Messenger Angel dispersed abroad have yielded many testimonies and are sure to bring a harvest of healing and salvation in the coming days.

The youth engage in distribution of the Messenger Angel.

Experience highlights of ReachOut Pakistan with Rhapsody of Realities in the picture gallery below.

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mighty klem 8 months
Gloryyy to God!
Agbonselowo Stella 8 months
wow,we are taking over d world for Jesus
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joy Joseph 8 months
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Pastor Wilson Ejaz 8 months
Glory Hallelujah!
iosub 8 months
Amin Mulțumesc
saint barbara 8 months
The Lord is good all the time.
Kenneth Nwabueze 8 months
Lorrietta Arthur 8 months
Awesome indeed! The Lord is kind and gracious!
iosub 8 months
bine fericit Dumnezeu binecuvântare mult Nou Biserica rugăciune muzica Biblia da toate oamenii ani frumos mult bine fericit Aleluia Aleluia Aleluia Aleluia Aleluia aleluia Amin Mulțumesc
Obla Wisdom 8 months
Onyekachi Chiwetalu 8 months
The Church is marching on and nothing is stopping us
Moses Moses 8 months
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Dcn Jonathan 8 months
This is wonderful and we rejoice with our brethren in Pakistan. The land of Pakistan is plain before you, in the name of Jesus.