TruSouth Inspires Youths in Benin to Radical Evangelism through Music

Host of LegallyMe, SamJamz, follows the seventh edition of TruSouth’s ‘the Activist’ evangelical platform.

Gospel rapper and member of the BLW Rap Nation, TruSouth, is an unapologetic Gospel activist, reaching out to the lost, especially teens and youths, with boldness and at any cost. Inspired to motivate others to reach their world radically for Jesus, TruSouth began hosting events tagged 'the Activist' in several cities with the desire to communicate his passion to others.

Section of attendees at 'the Activist' in the city of Benin.

In this episode of LegallyMe, your host, Gospel rapper and vlogger, SamJamz, follows the seventh edition of 'the Activist', visiting the city of Benin with TruSouth and other music ministers. Through music and a fiery sermon, TruSouth and fellow ministers, Rozey, Clinton Patrick, Dareal, King Brndon, Pedigree, Longevity, Justin Verse and others charged attendees to stand unashamed for the Gospel.

TruSouth ministers activist passion to the youths present.

Consistent with the scriptures, the ministry of the Word in music and the sermon at these events is followed by an outpouring of the Spirit upon everyone present, bringing the lost to Christ and empowering the believers with grace to do much more. TruSouth and SamJamz spent time laying hands on the youths present, imparting them for a radical, activist life in Christ.

TruSouth and SamJamz imparting the youths with grace for evangelical exploits.

SamJamz brings you every aspect of the journey in the featured episode, from bits of the road trip to pre-event activities, the program itself and post-event activities. Watch and be inspired to do more as a Kingdom activist; remember to like, share and post comments below.

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Bukelwa Mzamo 11 months
What an inspiring clip,I throughly was touched and blessed.
julie aleoghena 12 months
144529340355 tempavatar 1438245142
Clerence Kauraere 12 months
Glory to God!!!!
144529340355 tempavatar 1438245142
Clerence Kauraere 12 months
This is so beautiful!!!!!
Ronald 12 months
Jesus is the same yesterday, today and foever. Glory to God
glorious 12 months
the Lord Jesus reigns forever
G-LIGHT 12 months
Who says Rappers can't win souls? more Grace Sir we just getting started, come give your life a meaning
Boma Enikeekhelar 12 months
Activists for the gospel. Continuing the Book of Acts. God increase you all for more. Awesome.
Godwin Kingsley 12 months
onwards for Jesus
151549749131 tempavatar1494884185
Evelyn Fanti 12 months
#cesazone4 Glory to God Hallellujah Hallellujah Amen
144467513093 tempavatar 1191830232
Nkululeko 12 months
That was awesom guys. when r u coming to South Africa
prince zoragan 12 months
glorious things re spoken of us..great job guyz
151026572748 tempavatar 1924117943
Gboko Gideon 12 months
God is great
145461815953 tempavatar1737476692
divine kean 12 months
144632997795 image
Pastor Val Ibeachum 12 months