Volunteer Medical Corps Responds To Flood Disaster in Makurdi, Nigeria

Free medical attention, medicine and food supplies provided to 3,000 victims of Makurdi flooding.

A Volunteer Medical Corps team, comprising of doctors, nurses and other medical professionals, was deployed to assist with disaster relief in Makurdi, Benue State, which experienced terrible flooding a few weeks ago. Various relief materials, including medicine, food and non-food items were presented to victims, along with free medical attention.

Members of the Volunteer Medical Corps come bearing gifts for internally displaced persons.

The team set up an area for medical examinations and consultations. A drug dispensary unit administered free medicine to over 3,000 internally displaced persons. The VMC team also provided water treatments to the beneficiaries, with instructions on proper hydration. Pre-natal assessments on pregnant women at the camp was also provided at no charge.

A beneficiary of the visit gets a medical examination.

Makurdi is the capital of Benue State, located in the center of northern Nigeria. On August 27, an estimated 110,000 people were rendered homeless after heavy rains caused the River Benue to overflow its banks across the muddy grasslands of Makurdi, flooding over 15,000 homes overnight. Twenty-four communities were affected, seven of which are situated in Makurdi.

Beneficiaries joyfully receive Rhapsody of Realities and supplies.

The Volunteer Medical Corps (VMC) is committed to providing humanitarian assistance to communities and persons in need in regions affected by natural or man-made disasters. In response to the devastating impact of the flood in Makurdi, a team of medics was dispatched by the VMC to collaborate with State Emergency Management Agency (SEMA) to carry out an assessment of the needs of the displaced persons.

Members of the Volunteer Medical Corps and SEMA.

The camp officials expressed their appreciation to the Volunteer Medical Corps for responding to the situation in such a unique way. To join the Volunteer Medical Corps, visit www.blwmedicalcorps.org.

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