Warri Zone Celebrates Nigeria's  Independence Day with Colorful Carnival Float

Delta State residents attracted to carnival float and soccer match embrace the Messenger Angel.

In commemoration of Nigeria's 57th Independence Day Anniversary, members of Christ Embassy Warri Zone, led by the highly esteemed Regional Pastor, Evang. (Dr.) Eddy Owase, stormed the streets, distributing the Messenger Angel, Rhapsody of Realities.

Stuntmen perform during the carnival procession through the streets.

There was a massive carnival float, attracting large crowds through patriotically-costumed dancers and stuntmen marching in a procession with brethren to the Warri City Stadium. Their breathtaking dance steps caught the people's attention long enough for glad tidings of the Gospel to be preached to them.

The Regional Pastor dressed in patriotic colors with the Messenger Angel.

Thousands of copies of the October commemorative edition of Rhapsody of Realities were distributed to recipients who expressed their gratitude to the man of God, Reverend (Dr.) Chris Oyakhilome, for fostering a spirit of unity and making Nigerians believe in the nation's great future.

Dancers celebrating at the Warri City Stadium.

The carnival float arrived at Warri City Stadium, where brethren showcased diverse ethnic groups represented in Delta State through colorful processions. The event climaxed in a finale to the ReachOut Nigeria soccer match, with the last two qualifying teams from play-offs that engaged 80 communities, contesting for the place of RON 2017 Football Tournament champion. The top three teams received Rhapsody Bibles and 'the Power of Your Mind', while the winner was presented with a champion's cup.

The Regional Pastor shakes hands with RON 2017 Soccer Tournament finalists.

The 2017 Warri Zone ReachOut Nigeria Carnival was truly remarkable. Testimonies abound from the impact of the distribution of the Rhapsody of Realities, and the city of Warri can never be the same again! Experience highlights in the featured video above.

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Pst Jide Owoyemi 10 months
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wilsontreasure 10 months
may God be the glory
Agbonselowo Stella 10 months
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Amadike John 10 months
akporhuarho sunday 10 months
This marks a new move of God's Spirit in Warri city. Praise God!
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Chiugo Chukwulobe 10 months
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Pst Juliet Wealth-Sakal 10 months
awesome and breathtaking
Felix Dan 10 months
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It was a memorable event
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michael oliseh 10 months
145352778624 tempavatar 309758447
Pst Jide Owoyemi 10 months
Adaobi Ereku 10 months
i happened to be there live, it was truly awesome! Glory! #cewarrizone
ewomazino omakobia 10 months
It was indeed a great one
144433427874 tempavatar 1123868847
Emmanuel A Oyetunde 10 months
waoooo waoooo waoooooooooo this is celebrating God's glory in grant styles...Worri Zone, una tuuu tuu tuuuuuuu much!
Ngozi Uzowulu 10 months
Wow! #cephzone2
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Evelyn Fanti 10 months
#cesazone4 Glory to God Hallellujah Hallellujah Amen