What You Missed — Rev. Tom Hosts Presidential Aspirants in Public Lecture

Presidential aspirants, activists and academicians join the conversation on building a greater Nigeria.

In a most insightful Public Lecture themed, 'Awakening the Giant — a Collective Responsibility', Christ Embassy Abuja provoked and inspired patriotic and progressive discourse for the good of Nigeria.

The Public Lecture, which has been televised several times by diverse national and international news media, featured abundant cogitations on the forward-path for the great country, Nigeria, a giant needing awakening.

In a stirring address on the role of the church in nation-building, the highly esteemed Reverend Tom Amenkhienan saluted and extolled the vision and inspiration of the man of God, Pastor Chris, in sparking a movement for change from inside-out across Nigeria for over a decade, chronicling the impact of the National Youth Conferences, the ReachOut Nigeria Campaign, the Future Africa Leaders' Foundation and much more.

Keynote addresses and a panel discussion featuring discussants drawn from diverse backgrounds brought into focus the urgent need for every Nigerian to hold himself/herself responsible for the future of Nigeria. With two popular 2019 Presidential aspirants on the panel, the discourse was often heated, with divergent views being put forth with gusto, but all in an atmosphere of patriotic passion for a greater Nigeria.

Watch the featured video highlight for a glimpse into the historic event.

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NKIRU JOHN 8 months
Wow! Glory to God! Thank You Rev Ton Sir for this great move. Thank You so nuch Pastor Sir.
152873677170 tempavatar1565111915
ekhosuehe Matthew 8 months
nice one
Vanessa Prosperity 8 months
Patricia Feboke 8 months
Very good and early move. Thank you sir
Joy Agbodza 8 months
wow! that is great. thank you Sir
144632997795 image
Pastor Val Ibeachum 8 months
This is extremely inspiring. Yes we are awakening the giant.
145352778624 tempavatar 309758447
Pst Jide Owoyemi 8 months
Luvly! Tx Rev Tom 4dis
144639796769 image
Bothwell Xavier 8 months
Much needed in many places. Prosperity is a collective responsibility that begins with you.
Abegunde Sunday 8 months
glory!! am inspire to do great things for my country and the world at large.
maranatha el 8 months
So, the general impression here seems to be that until somebody is in a presidential office, he or she is not a leader. By the way when is the Church installing a Government? A Christian,GEJ,was the President of this Country. What support, encouragement or backing did we Christians give him? I know what betrayals, ridicule and abuses he received from some of us Christians.
Dcn fordman MYENI 8 months
Good afternoon Sir. What an educational event Pastor Sir. I am grateful I had the privilege to participate. Thank you Sir. I love you.
144477827887 tempavatar1727304721
Pastor Samson Dimowo 8 months
Amazing experience