‘Year of the Supernatural’ Message Now Available in Audio Format on PCDL App

Get a copy of the New Year Message to meditate upon and distribute from the Pastor Chris Digital Library app.

The New Year Message, titled 'the Year of the Supernatural', is now available in audio format for download and streaming on the Pastor Chris Digital Library app. Last night, the man of God, Pastor Chris, said "the year means nothing without the Word of God; God’s Word is your light, your direction, your instruction." As such, there's no better time to start listening to and getting immersed in the message of the year.

Download the Pastor Chris Digital Library app on the iOS App Store or the Google Play Store to access the new release or simply visit the PCDL website here: http://pcdl.co/. With an active PCDL GOLD membership subscription, you can access the New Year Message and over 300 old and new titles on the Pastor Chris Digital Library app; when new messages and titles are released, you also already have unlimited access to them.

"The time to favor Zion, the set time has come. There is a set time; when that set time comes, everything starts working together," the BLW President prophesied in the early hours of this morning. Get in the flow of this and other prophetic utterances by downloading your copy of the 'Year of the Supernatural' message now!

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janeowise about 1 year
Glorrrrryyyyyyy! thank you pastor sir
Joyce Nwoke about 1 year
i love you pastor Sir. we made it. happy new year Sir!
Albert Msane about 1 year
Glory to our Heavenly Father to be born at such a time. Oh what a message. Thank you Pastor Sir.
151483531495 tempavatar 1641551048
Oghale ogbe about 1 year
Amen. Glory....Thank You Pastor Sir.
151390923409 tempavatar 1503219808
eliabeth mooketsi about 1 year
thank you pastor Sir, i Will download the massage, love you sir.
Liam Dunamis Akam about 1 year
Glory to God our year of supernatural with green land everywhere
dumsani dlamini about 1 year
Glory Glory thank you Lord Jesus
151067798836 tempavatar 184621412
Agu Christian about 1 year
Awesome ! am set to fly by the spirit this year. Thank you pastor sir
olanrewaju oyetunji about 1 year
Hey! Oh glory to God! Sondahilabrahesteke! Thank You The Angel of the Lord for talking to The Man of God Sir and giving Him a beautiful message for me.....I'm gonna see the Capstone, it's all Grace! Thank you Esteemed LWnews and Esteemed PCDL staff. How can I register for the YourWorld 14th to 19th meetings?
150685560575 tempavatar944011160
osazee ediae about 1 year
Glorrryyyy, thank you Pastor Sir.
150610932440 tempavatar1847466181
Faith Bogacwi about 1 year
exciting news
Nothando Melody Mazibuko about 1 year
Amen Hallelujah to the most High God .i am so grateful.i will fly so high this year.Thank you Pastor Sir
Bekombo Maka dorette christiane about 1 year
Amen Amen Pastor sir,,thank you,
Christopher Eghrudje-Williams about 1 year
That's so fast. I'm so grateful Pastor Sir. I'll run very fast this Year, and I'll go very far.
Frank Kwasi Adadjie about 1 year
Thank you Pastor Sir! I love you Sir!
144491571293 tempavatar 626043216
Irene Mungate about 1 year
Thank you Pastor sir already downloaded and listening.love you sir
144491571293 tempavatar 626043216
Irene Mungate about 1 year
amen glory to God . this is my set time 10 in 1 . roll on 2018 as we do exploits.