Yokes Destroyed as Multitudes Gather for 'Super Sunday' in Zimbabwe

Power in the name of Jesus demonstrated as churches in Zimbabwe host 'Super Sunday'.

Sunday, October 15th, was 'Super Sunday' in all Southern Africa Zone 5 churches, with record crowds gathering to witness the power of the Word of God at work. 

The Zonal Pastor, Pastor Ruth Musarurwa, ministering to the congregation.

At Christ Embassy Belvedere, the Zonal Pastor, Pastor Ruth Musarurwa, ministered to the congregation in the fulness of God's Spirit. The service was characterized, not only by precious words from Pastor Ruth, but also the demonstration of the Spirit and power. Words of knowledge were given and people with the cases announced came up to testify. 

A man responds to a word of knowledge about someone who wanted to commit suicide.

Many who came sick got healed as they were touched by the power of God. The anointing that was present permanently broke every yoke of bondage upon all that were afflicted as they opened their hearts to receive from God. Identified by word of knowledge, a man who had been considering suicide, became free from those thoughts.

Many testify to the healing power of God.

'Super Sunday' in Southern Africa Zone 5 was certainly not an ordinary day, but one that emphatically announced that Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today and forever. Experience highlights from the Christ Embassy Belvedere service in the featured video.

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Tinofara Mtuwa 12 months
the.church is marching on glory!!!
150685560575 tempavatar944011160
osazee ediae about 1 year
To God be all the Glory
bennichristos about 1 year
Blessed be the Lord God forever!!
bennichristos about 1 year
Blessed be the Lord God forever!!
151549749131 tempavatar1494884185
Evelyn Fanti about 1 year
#cesazone4 Glory to God Hallellujah Hallellujah Amen
145365355387 tempavatar31383324
Chipo Mazonde about 1 year
glory to God.
149779986577 image
Lucretia Marinda about 1 year
Super Sunday touching & changing lives for Jesus.
148329083451 tempavatar 1200349625
susan omorodion about 1 year
halleluiah Thank you Lord Jesus gloryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
Tunde Peter Igbinigie about 1 year
pastor Ruth, thank you for making yourself available to God almighty
Tunde Peter Igbinigie about 1 year
God is still doing his wonderful work through us today
150633969397 tempavatar1951916809
Amadike John about 1 year
149973687138 tempavatar1978659705
Mandla Masuku about 1 year
Praise God forevermore
150712702634 tempavatar2135495138
Donald Museka about 1 year
Glory to God🙌
151652470417 image
Nash Musarurwa about 1 year
woooow! Glory to God
149431642231 image
Pastor Eddie Moyo #blwZimbabweZone about 1 year
Praise God!
150077587308 tempavatar1075282607
Epifania Jonhera about 1 year
Glory.what an awesome service
152692643397 tempavatar1202103774
Wemi doumo about 1 year
Glory to God
144602894871 image
Pastor Mike Madziya about 1 year
oh hallelujah! #cesazone5 #cemukakose
Pastor Abby #CephZone2 about 1 year
Irene Bvunzawabaya about 1 year
Glory to God.