“You Never Lose Your Way for Following Jesus!” — Pastor Chris to Youth Campers

Pastor Chris inspires young people from over 150 countries to live a life sold out to Jesus.

The ongoing Tuesday night session of the International Easter Youth Camp with Pastor Chris has been full of unquantifiable blessings for the youths present. The man of God, Pastor Chris, kicked off the session by taking touching testimonies from the youths present. Campers from Hawaii, Thailand, Malaysia, Sweden and other nations expressed their profound gratitude, testifying of healing, divine visions and inspiration.

Delegate from Haiti shares testimonies from the camp so far.

The BLW President went on to take questions from the youth, spending time to inspire them to live for Jesus. "You can trust God with your future; you can trust God to lead you," he said to the youths, stirring up in them a strong confidence in the Lord. Pastor Chris further motivated the youths, saying "you never lose your way for following Jesus Christ. You can never give Him too much; He gave His life for you!"

Delegate from Egypt responding excitedly during the session.

Prior to the man of God's ministration, the youths were inspired by their peers from Islamic nations or lived with Islamic influence at some point in their lives. The testimonies of their bold decision to live for Jesus got other delegates fired up in the same direction. 

Youths with Islamic backgrounds or living in historically Islamic nations share testimonies.

The session has also been replete with times of worship and prayer, as well as special presentations from South/Central America, South Africa, India and other countries. It has been an extraordinary fellowship with the Spirit of God and the Word. 

Youths from South America give their country presentation.

Stay tuned to LoveWorld News for more exclusive updates from the ongoing International Easter Youth Camp 2018. Remember to follow the Global Youth Leaders' Forum's SuperUser account and the #campingwithpastorchris hashtag on KingsChat.

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Nwabueze ibeanu 9 months
Glory be to God he has given us a wonderful life
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Glory be to God!! we have a life coach.
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Glory to God!! #cesazone2pretoriagroup
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You're programming your life for success and victory
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Praise the Lord!
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Praise the Lord
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Hallelujah. I love You dear Lord Jesus. I love You Pastor Chris. my dearest Pastor Sir. Praise God.
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Praise God
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Hallelujah to Jesus!
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Hallelujah! Glory to God!
Davidson 10 months
Hallelujah! Glory to God!