"Your Nation is About to Witness a New Beginning!" — Pastor Chris to Zimbabweans

BLW President catalyzes new beginning for Zimbabwe through Worship and Communion Service.

"The reason I’m here at this time is because something special is about to happen in your country," Pastor Chris began to say to an elated audience of several tens of thousands at the National Sports Stadium in Harare, Zimbabwe, this past Sunday.

Uncontrollable joy fills the auditorium and every congregant present.

The people came out of all corners of the nation and nearby countries, full of expectation and convinced that God had prepared a milestone season, a special word for the nation, as a whole. After a rousing and warm reception with a standing ovation from the crowd, Pastor Chris sensed the people's faith and stated unequivocally, "your nation is about to witness a new beginning, and the Lord sent me for that purpose."

Section of the brethren and invitees at the National Sports Stadium in Harare.

The prophet of God to the nation of Zimbabwe, on this particular occasion, also took some time to encourage the people through the Spirit; "in spite of the difficult times that you have had as a nation, Zimbabwe remains a jewel of Africa," the BLW President said. With every anointed word, healing took place in the soul of Zimbabwe as a whole.

Stay tuned to LoveWorld News for more exclusive updates from the Global Worship and Communion Service with Pastor Chris in Zimbabwe.

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145956894229 tempavatar 1055193368
Rickiemosthigh 7 months
Its a new beginning
Dc-Obi Anidobi 7 months
Glory to God! And it came to pass, that as the prophet to the nations said...
Mmakan Albert Isonguyo about 1 year
144597868169 image
Ifeyinwa Ubah about 1 year
A New Beginning!! Fresh Hope!!! Thank You Precious Holy Spirit #celagoszone1
Amadike john about 1 year
148543577172 tempavatar 1143975867
Tasimba Madondo #itsⓤⓢ† about 1 year
Jesus is alive and nothing will hold back the spread of the Gospel in my country Zimbabwe #itsⓊⓈ†
Chrisma Asa about 1 year
I love You, oh Man of God Sir my Pastor Sir. Hallelujah.
Ed@ceglenview about 1 year
olanrewaju oyetunji about 1 year
I can tell you Jesus was there and because He was there, their situations changed that night.
Tafadzwa Mupaz about 1 year
Blessed be God. God remembered my Nation and sent the Man of God to mark a new beginning for my country.
150712702634 tempavatar2135495138
Donald Museka about 1 year
Blessed be God 🙌 #cesazone5
kubam margaret about 1 year
Cameroon is connected to this prophecy. there is no barrier in the spirit.amen.
149775843769 tempavatar 1888187576
Sharon Raganya about 1 year
Praise the Lord, forevermore!!!
Anchira Solomon about 1 year
Glory to God Zimbabwe will never be the same
Mr Tony okosun about 1 year
That country has taken a new course . Thank you pastor sir .I love you
148615242679 tempavatar 604291694
Bisram Duth about 1 year
Thank You so much Sir for these Inspired words regarding the Nation of Zimbabwe . The jewel of Africa. Gloryyyyy
Norah Veremu about 1 year
Glory! Hallelujah! Thank you Lord.
King Katah about 1 year
147309248894 tempavatar1494550059
eliabeth Mooketsi about 1 year
thanks God for transforming the lives of peoples ofZimbabwe it's time for them to be blessed, glory to God.
Godwin about 1 year
thank you sir for the word. it is my month of meditation. i love you, sir. #cebeninzone1