"You've Got to Police Your Mind!" — Pastor Chris' Q&A Response on Living for God

"If He is Lord of your life, you've got to listen to Him," Pastor Chris says about living for God.

Global Communion Services with the man of God, Rev. (Dr.) Chris Oyakhilome, since their inception, have communicated many benefits to millions around the world. One of the highlights of the global assembly is the PastorChrisLive Q&A segment where the light of God's Word is shed on questions from many around the world.

During the August 2017 Communion Service, Jonathan from Ghana inquired about living God, after sharing his prior struggle in executing true repentance toward God. Full of compassion, Pastor Chris carefully explained, for the benefit of Jonathan and countless many around the world, how to live for God. "When you receive Christ Jesus, you don’t just receive Him as your Savior; He becomes Lord of your life," the man of God began.

Pastor Chris, reading from Romans 12:1-2, continued thus: "What God wants you to do is to present yourself as a living sacrifice. That’s what it means when you say Jesus Christ is Lord of your life. He’s got something to say about your decisions...about your thoughts and your thinking process." The man of God shared four powerful scriptures for anyone having difficulty living for Jesus to meditate upon, before issuing a reminder to congregants that they are no longer under the bondage of sin, once born again.

Watch the special excerpt above from the Q&A segment to take notes of the scriptures given by the man of God, and remember to like, share and posts comments below.

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Amadike John 6 months
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Evelyn Boro 7 months
hallelujah for evermore
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l thank God for pastor Christ who made life easy through his teaching I am flourishing on every side
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hallelujahhhh, thank you so much Pastor Sir, am lifted!
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Lizzie Mbakwe 7 months
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i am so blessed
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Boy do I like this!
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hallelujah thank you pastor
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glory to God
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Thank you pastor sir . i would never be in bondage
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Thank you so much my Father. I love you Forever sir
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Glory to God. I have the life of God in me
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Christ is the Lord of my life, soul and body. Glory to God!
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Judith Agwai 7 months
I can never be sin conscious because Christmas is the Lord of my life, soul and body. Glory to God!
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hallelijah glory to God